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August 25, 2019

The List That Changed My Life

After hitting rock bottom with depression and near suicide at age 19, I decided that I would do whatever it took to live an extraordinary life.

I made a commitment to myself that I would be relentless in fulfilling my dream – because giving up was no longer an option.

Plan A was to thrive in pursuit of my purpose and Plan B didn’t exist.

I figured that if I wanted to have an inspiring life, then my life would need to be filled with the things that had meaning for me.

So, I completed an exercise that turned out to be far more profound than I originally anticipated: I took a piece of paper and pen and I wrote down of all the things that inspired me.

I filled the page with things like ‘city lights’, ‘deep conversations’, ‘personal development’ and, of course, ‘writing’.

In the 2-3 years that followed, I made a conscious effort to do and experience as many of them as possible, as often as possible.

I began travelling the world, meeting amazing people, studying human potential, and writing. I blogged my way from country to country and lived in multiple places.

I launched my career as a professional writer and began attracting opportunities to do what I loved. I turned my purpose into an income stream and began doing my thing in the world.

Very soon, I not only began to feel alive and inspired every day, but I’d also begun to inspire other people.

I was fulfilling my dream – and they wanted to do the same, too.

Because part of my dream was to help other people with their dream, I began mentoring and speaking to share what had worked for me in transforming my life.

This journey hasn’t stopped since.

I’m deeply grateful for everything that has happened in the past 11 years – and it all started with The List.

That list was my order to the universe for what kind of future I wanted to have,

It was the starting point for the incredible journey of expansion that unfolded,

And it was the compass to help me navigate my way to the extraordinary life I vowed to myself age 19 I would create.

Perhaps it’s time to write YOUR list… and start living the life you DESERVE.

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