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August 29, 2019

The Seven Stages of Twin Flame Conscious Romantic Relationship – Stage 3: The Bliss

Sometimes this is known as the honeymoon period and it gets difficult here in distinguishing the excitement of a new potential romance and a twin flame romance.  My take on it, as with the whole twin flame journey, is that it is just a super intense version of conscious relationship. What I mean by conscious relationship is that the knowing that our partner never really does anything to upset us but what they do or say, which triggers us, is just illuminating areas where we are still judging and not fully loving ourselves. Everything that is not love within each person will come to the surface to be healed and transformed. When I began my adventure with my twin I still had a deep mother wound which was not yet healed and I am aware that this meant that the almost obsessive nature of my attraction to her was partially fueled by co-dependency and initially unconscious desire that still hoped that I might be completed by another so that I could avoid being fully with the unloved parts of myself.

The intensity of the bliss will be alarming to begin with. I found it hard to walk the fine line of discernment between being and feeling too needy and letting her know that I was extremely fond of her and that I wanted to be with her every minute of the day. When we were apart the time dragged and it was really hard not to live my life counting down the time when we could be together again. As soon as we were together time seemed extremely cruel and would race past at a ridiculous pace.

It’s difficult to put into words the bliss of connection and this wasn’t just about our time in the bedroom. Walking down the street together, sharing a meal, time in the car together all become times of bliss. Your twin will seem heavenly and everything about them becomes a feast for the senses. I suspect that there is a deeper motive to this pleasure though and that is that the attraction and bliss needs to be strong enough if we are to stay the course when he or she begins to trigger us and facilitate all that is not love within us, as this can be a tremendously powerful and emotionally painful experience.  If our lovemaking and mutual attraction had not been so intense, we would probably have parted ways as soon as the uncomfortableness of the purging had begun. But after all, this is why our twin flame has arrived: to fast track our evolution and accelerate our coming home to the heart, to inner union, integration and marriage of the feminine and masculine principles; When the two become one.

‘Where your land meets my sky, there sunrise explodes its light into the world.  And you and I are the horizon, both visible and invisible, lost in the infinite void and delicious depths of The Kiss.’  M. Dean

The fourth stage is The Purging which we will explore in the next article in this series. Namaste.

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