August 2, 2019

This is Leo Magic: Creative, Joyful, Playful Energy—at its Most Potent.


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 *Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


It’s that time of the month…24 hours after the New Moon.

And she is finally revealing the beauty of her Leonine potential to us.

This three-day window, that comes 24 hours after the New Moon, is the most potent time to set your new intentions for the next month.

Right now is particularly full of potential as we have just closed the eclipse portal, after a major month of releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us, and of creating space in which to weave our manifestation magic into being.

We have also just completed our Mercury Retrograde journey, discovering what really sets our hearts on fire, makes us happy, and shouts authenticity to the core of our very being.

This is the moment in 2019 when the tide is about to change for many. This is Leo magic: creative, joyful, playful energy at its most potent.

Right now, the celestial setup is willing us to seed our new life of authenticity into being.

Leo is about joy, happiness, play, and creativity in your life—children are the absolute embodiment of this—they wake up each day and follow their hearts without question. They express, create, throw tantrums, and engage with the world as if it is their personal domain. All of this with a wonder and delight, that as adults, we have often misplaced.

We have been too busy people pleasing and looking at life through eyes covered with the filter of personal beliefs, patterning, and fears that were never ours, but passed onto us by often well-meaning people.

Perhaps July’s planetary shake up has shown you where some of these structures have been present in your own life, structures that prevent you from living a life filled with authenticity.

This season of Leo calls us to open our hearts and embrace its wisdom. This may well be the moment when your creative tide begins to turn this year, when you start to feel your heart flame flicker with potential—those internal signals that tell you that your passion for life is still there and ready to lead you forward.

Close your eyes, take the hand of your inner child, and listen to her dreams for you this year. Her wisdom is Leo at its most natural and pure. For she is you long before you learnt not to be.

Dream big—you deserve this just as you are.

This is the season of Leonine magic, where we have the potential to see the creation of some big shifts in our lives.

Set intentions in whatever ways resonate for you, such as breath work, lighting candles, or sending Reiki energy. Just do it daily for the next three days and watch as the celestial line-up energises those dreams into being over the next six months.

It’s over to you…



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