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August 8, 2019

A lesson in Compassion; the heart of the Lion:

 “Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” ~ Buddha

A few weeks ago, one of my sons and I worked to revive a tiny malnourished male kitten that we found whilst out for an evening walk.

My son was more hopeful than I, that the little guy would make it. When we found him, his breathing was labored and he was weak. In fact, I thought he was already lifeless when we first spotted him in some shrubbery. However, upon closer examination, he emitted the tiniest (yet powerful) meow – a meow that echoed the need for love & compassion.

My son and I did everything we could for the kitten to make him as comfortable as possible. We sat with him and held vigil, after bringing him home with us, tending to his immediate needs and wrapping him in a warm towel.

The kitten showed gratitude, you could see it. You could feel it. He would meow from time to time and purr at the touch of our hands. He had the most soulful eyes when he would open them. He rallied several times, standing up and walking like a proud King with his head held high. I thought: “hmm..maybe he will make it after all, he does have some strength!”

He was however, only with us for a few hours – from the time we found him in his helpless state, to taking him home and trying everything within our ability to gently care for him and ease his discomfort. Although his body was in poor shape, he had a strong Spirit. We named him “Buddha”. Within an 8 hour span, Buddha passed away peacefully.

One of the most important things to note here is that when he was placed on our path, we didn’t leave him to suffer alone. We showed him all the love, compassion and dignity that we possibly could. I have no doubt that had he fully rallied and survived, he would have had the strength of a lion. (He seemingly had the heart & Spirit of the Lion, after all.)

Early this morning (8/8 Lion’s Gate) as I prepared for the day, I was reminded of the kitten and the short time he was with us. When I stepped out the front door to begin the day, a cloudy sky greeted me and sprung forth in a downpour that hadn’t been previously forecasted, on this day of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

I recalled yet again the little one, only with us for a sliver of time. My mind drifted to the space we deemed fitting to give his lifeless body back to the Earth, a peaceful place near the river with old towering cottonwood trees and ancient memory that is etched into the red Oklahoma banks and cliffs. Rain must surely be falling there this morning, I thought, the first rain since the kitten’s return to the Earth.

“There is no death, only a change of worlds.” ~ Chief Seattle 

Yesterday evening, the same son who was with me when we found the kitten was preparing to shower when he called to me: “mom, I’ve caught a spider in a cup, would you please come help!”

I went to his aide and carefully took the spider outside. I was proud of my son for his random act of kindness. He could have squished the spider, but he didn’t. He’s seen me gently remove live spiders (and other creatures) who might find their way into our space many times over the years.

The take away from all of this is that our children are watching everything we do, so we must do everything with mindfulness and clear and honest intention. Perhaps, if we are inclined to show kindness, love and compassion, they will be inclined to model the same behavior, just as my son did with the spider.

I’m proud of my son and the heart he has within him. A heart of compassion for both the suffering of life that exists beyond him and that of ALL life in general. Right now the world needs more of that kindness.

The children we are raising are the ones who will inherit the Earth, the same way that we inherited it. The same way that future generations will inherit it. WE are the portal here, the medium between worlds.

While I see so much good in the world, I’m not naive to the fact that lower vibrations and frequencies exist. What we focus on, we attract more of. I choose to focus on love and kindness.

We have the ability to raise the frequency/vibration of Planet Earth by going into the heart of Mother Earth by showing her love and compassion. May we be inclined to bestow the same love and compassion to our fellow human beings, and all creatures, great and small.

On this day of the Lion’s Gate Portal, may you find the wisdom and guidance you seek, within and without: our Ancestors are watching, our children are watching — WE must be the change —  WE must be the good we wish to see in the world. There is no other way…

A’ho (Amen)

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Unknown source *not Gandhi*

Author: Annie R. Towns
Image by: Rafael DeBono, on Deviant Art

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