September 16, 2019

Full Moon in Pisces: a Solar Plexus Awakening Guided Meditation.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

Happy full moon in Pisces everyone!

As we enter this full moon in Pisces, we could be feeling the intensely heightened awareness of this strong zodiac sign. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and has been said to be the most mystical magical and head in the clouds, spirit world sign.

If you’re like me and have Sagittarius in your chart, then perhaps, you are feeling the intense pull to create and dive into new projects, but with this, comes a huge sense of overwhelm. Sagittarius is already a career and money-driven sign, so it can be extra intense for us fire signs because now we have one huge part of us in the mystical spiritual realm and the rest of us in the practical, realist world, and ultimately feeling a contradiction of thoughts and desires.

This time brings polar opposite energies—wanting to be uber-productive but also wanting to rest and recharge our body and crystals. Spend as much time outside today as you can and breathe as many deep breaths with clean air as you can. Move your body and open your solar plexus chakra to activate and awaken your mental state toward a clear and focused path.

Manifest your desires, listen to your inner voice and to the types of activities or themes in your life that ignite happiness. Focus on those elements and your solar plexus will become rejuvenated and revived.

Hope you enjoy this guided meditation, you can also hear more about solar plexus manifesting activation on my podcast, “the vibe within.”


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