September 25, 2019

I Lost the Weight to give myself the Life I Deserved.


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I can’t stress this enough: this journey is for you and you need to love yourself the whole way through it.

Self-love is sadly something that hasn’t really been spoken about when it comes to losing weight. Sometimes I get messages telling me I’m a hypocrite because if I loved myself I wouldn’t have felt the need to lose 200lbs.

Well, I feel like that was the ultimate way to show myself how much I loved me. I loved me enough to say no to myself when I wanted something I knew wasn’t in alignment with my ultimate goals.

You know those cravings that creep up on you—the ones that you give into for a few moments of happiness? I said no to those. Not because I was punishing myself or being mean to myself. But because I loved myself enough to honor my true desires!

It takes a lot of strength and willpower to make the kind of changes I have in my life this past year and a half but I did it out of pure love. Love for myself made it easier to say no. I knew a “cheat” could easily derail me so I would tell myself no and that was self-love and self-care.

I didn’t change my lifestyle because I hated myself, I changed my lifestyle because I love and respected myself and wanted to give myself the life I deserved.

No part of this journey was fueled by disdain for myself. Disdain isn’t a powerful enough emotion to fuel the kind of changes I made, but love is!

Start taking steps today and love yourself enough to keep going so you can finally answer that question of “what would happen if this time I didn’t quit,” and I promise you this—you’ll love the answer.

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