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October 27, 2019

A Beautiful Day to Quit. {Poem 3}

More profit – Less loss

Close the gap

Is this all there is to care about?


More innovation – Less rework

Eliminate waste

What’s the cost for the ceaseless endeavor to innovate?


More sales – Less returns

Make it perfect

The price for perfection may cost far more than a lifetime.


More ethics – Less corruption

Drop the act

They’re simply keeping their noses clean.


Corporations – Legal entities

Person without a body

It’s easy to destroy life with no conscience to bear truth.


Corporate jargon dances around the room

Letters become words

F*ck synergy and corporate values

Corporations have no values, people do.


Staring blankly at screens

Small talk of sports they seldom ever play

Living for Friday night

Why linger here instead of chasing their dreams?


I’ve looked for gold in the room

Lying dormant in many hearts I see it

Finding and witnessing their gold is my gold

Yet, how can I explain it to those who can’t hear their inner child?


Little girls and boys shine forth their gold

Mine runs naked in a field; one only I can find

He laughs bright when he sees me

I cry tears of joy when I see him

Knowing this makes me stronger!


Play has no place in most board rooms

Hmm – is it “board” or “bored?”

I experience the latter.


Pulling and tugging

Trying to break free from soulless work

Dangling the carrot is less and less effective

Little boys and girls are ready to go out and play.


Will you join them on this beautiful day?

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Read 8 comments and reply

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