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October 24, 2019

Believe and Trust

The world revolves in ways seen and unseen
Today your journey has been embraced and begins
Acceptance is the golden key
Your inner light shines so bright to see
It cannot be dimmed by day or night
It shines in the rain
It shines in the sun
It bridges the worlds of life and beyond
It conquers self-doubt conflicts and loss
It rejoices in the life which once was not
But it now opens the doors and lets the wind in
To sing her song and spread her wings
Your inner dance will be the place
Your eyes and your light will soon embrace
All will be clear in days and weeks
When your shining light beacons the world speaks
Let that not scare you or even doubt
For you have the voice of the Souls mind to ring out
Yours is the journey of uniqueness of you
Your essence of self
The true being you
Drink in your feelings
Let your guidance and wisdom be shared and heard
Your calling is here to be experienced and felt in this world .

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