October 30, 2019

Apparently, how you take your Coffee can predict which Wines you’ll Like. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Bright Cellars—they’re dedicated to helping wine lovers find their groove in a fun, mindful way, and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.


Today I learned that how you take your coffee (cream, sugar, black) can predict wines that you’ll like. This quiz *should* show you the 4 wines that are the best match for you. So crazy!

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that my favorite kind of soulmate is a wine soulmate.

You know, those wines that are just right for your taste buds? The ones you could happily enjoy over and over again?

And there are just so many ways to enjoy wine. A quiet glass on the couch after a long, hard day. A social glass with friends at the weekend. A romantic glass by the fire with my next favorite type of soulmate…I mean, red wine and fall are literally #couplegoals.

The thing is, as much as I love wine, I actually don’t know a grape about it. So, when it comes to choosing wine, I either play it safe or risk meeting a bottle that just isn’t meant to be.

But, I do know what I like when it comes in other forms: a slab of dark chocolate, or a good cup of tea, say.

Well, luckily, life just got simpler (or should I say sommelier?) thanks to the Bright Cellars wine quiz.

Masterminded by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, it scores your wine matches by comparing 18 different wine attributes to your own personal “taste profile” preferences. They’ve managed to make it super easy (it’ll take you all of two minutes to complete) and fun too.

Take the quiz* here >>
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My quiz results got my taste buds watering, so I went ahead and ordered my selection. Now I can finally impress my parents or my partner (who comes from one of those major wine countries) with my knowledge and collection of gorgeous wines.

See, the best thing about Bright Cellars is they deliver their selection of the best wines for you according to your quiz results, straight to your door. They also provide tasting notes for each wine selected with each delivery, as well as some handy tips and facts to up your sophistication levels while you enjoy your matches.

Buh-bye standing in the supermarket aisle, staring blankly at the Sauvignon Blancs, wondering what the difference is. Next weekend, I’ll be getting adventurous and sipping jammy and spicy Zinfandel while brushing up on my wine trivia!

How Bright Cellars Works

1. Take the wine quiz to build your profile

Answer 7 questions about your food and beverage preferences to create a profile that's unique to you.
Start the Quiz
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Wine not?

This is a win-win long-term relationship right here: once you’ve finished your wines, you can review and rate them on the Bright Cellars website, and your following selection will be based on your feedback.

Bright Cellars are so confident you’ll love the wines you’ve been matched with, they’ll even send a free replacement bottle in your next shipment if you’re not satisfied. You can also cancel, skip months, or change order frequencies at any time.

If you do decide you want to try a shipment, be sure to follow this 50% discount link.

If you simply can’t wait for your Bright Cellars delivery, here’s a little insider cheat sheet to get you going:

3 Simple Tips to look (& feel) like a Wine Connoisseur:

1. Temperature makes a big difference.

Perception of alcohol, acidity, fruit, and balance in a wine may be affected by small differences in serving temperature. Here’s a rule of thumb for getting the best from your wines:

For white wines, 2 hours in the fridge or 20 minutes in the freezer should do it. Chilling makes whites taste crisp and fresh but avoid over-chilling which dulls flavors. For reds, 30 minutes in the fridge or 5 minutes in the freezer and you’re good to go. Reds should be served slightly below room temperature (which came as news to me!) or alcohol and fruit may seem out of balance.

Pro-tip: For bottles that need to be chilled quickly, submerge the bottle in a bucket filled with ice, water, and salt. Leave whites for 10 minutes, reds for 3—et voilà! Perfectly chilled wine.

2. A “waiter’s friend” isn’t just for waiters.

A wine key or corkscrew (commonly referred to as a waiter’s friend) is the essential tool needed to uncork and enjoy your wine. And there’s an art to using it. Here’s a little how-to:

Use the knife to cut the foil just below the bottle’s lower lip. Near the cork’s center, insert the worm and do the twist. Turn the handle four times.

Rest the first step on the bottle’s edge and pull handle up. Rest second step on bottle’s edge and pull up until the cork is almost out. Then gently pull the rest of the cork out by hand.

Toast yourself on a job well done and enjoy!

3. Swirl and sniff!

Aroma accounts for about 85% of what you taste, so smelling a wine is one of the most important parts of tasting it.

First, pick out fruit aromas like citrus and tropical fruits for white wines and red and blue berries for red wines. Then identify non-fruit aromas like florals, herbs, and spices.

For more monthly tips on storing wine, wine color, and how to tell your legs apart (the ones in your glass, that is):

Take the quiz & subscribe* to Bright Cellars >>
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A sneak peek of what to expect:

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