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October 25, 2019

Feeling Child


Crying  crying it doesn’t stop

crying and sighing


Make it stop!

The child sits and cry’s some more not knowing why or what for

Her parents say what’s with the tears

What’s biting you now?

The child shrugs she doesn’t know what it is why her tears flow.  How does she explain what she feels!

Her father says what is it now? If you must cry do it elsewhere.

The voices whisper

How do you tell them what you feel the voices of thousands crying somewhere not here..

How do you speak of the saddest of feelings, the heaving and sighing passing through you

What of the dreams of last night the screaming that woke them with such a fright.

Seeing the millions in peril as the earth cries I don’t want to hurt them not now not again

How do you tell them would they believe, the crying of passing of children and animals too

But most of all the deepest of tears for the giant trees and mountains as the water rises and they disappear.

The earth she cries and sighs some days and nights

I don’t want to hurt any but my surface like skin is hurting and screaming from battering of things

Many times they must learn to change to live with nature and not try wilfully destroy whatever they wish to take

She heaves and she shudders and begins to shake.

The child feels the heaves and the shakes and the sighs

It’s happening again the child sits and cries

She cannot speak her voice frozen in tears

No one understand how could she say what this strange thing is that happens some days

She weeps in silence despair overcoming everything.

She hears a soft voice

Oh my precious  do not despair

Im here and your heard your not alone

I understand I see your pain

The child she does frown just a little bit

She dosen’t know this voice or where it comes from

I am your grandmother of the great kind

I hear your cries and see it all

Never despair this is natural you see for you my child are like me

I am Ellen of your family tree

I am your great grand a medium of olde

I am a guide you are precious in ways others don’t know

Worry not of those who do not understand or care to know

One day the world will listen to your words never before seen or heard many a story you will tell of nature and magickal spirits as well.

Send them out to the world for many that wish to be heard and seen

For now my sweet baby precious child I sit with you and calm your life .

The child touched her cheek her shoulder and her hair nothing there yet she felt her body ease her sobs stop

She sighed and relaxed let it all wash away it felt like a dream as bad as can be but she knew what she felt was the truth the earth meant the words  spoken that day .

Her parents came in to see the child smile

Well it’s about time now go outside its to nice a day enjoy the sunshine get out and play .

The child complied that’s what she did even though knowing what it meant

Her feet would vibrate her legs pulse and her ears hum .

For her it was just another day .


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