October 22, 2019

The Easy Way to Find Out if your Intuition is Guiding You.


You are the most important person in your life.

This perspective is not being selfish, arrogant, or greedy in any way. It is just the truth.

You spend all of your time with you. You can only control your own actions. And your choices and actions have an impact on the immediate present and on the future.

This is why it’s incredibly important for everyone to take the time to figure out what’s truly important and real for themselves. This task requires some focus and dedication, but is well worth it.

If we’re always distracted by other people and other influences, and not listening deeply for our own truth, then we’ll be eternally confused. The answers to our deepest questions about authentic self and life purpose never come from an outside source. This is an inner job and therefore needs an inner approach.

We need to know ourselves, and the only way we can truly do this is to spend time with ourselves and to ask our own being the hard questions.

Our body, mind, soul, heart, and energies are incredibly wise. Wiser than can be fathomed. Everything we need to have a sense of success, satisfaction, and fulfillment on our unique soul path is already within us. We just need to take the time to be quiet and courageous in order to hear all of these difficult and wondrous answers to the worries and questions we have about our life path.

Taking regular time alone to check in with your own guidance is a crucial aspect of growing and evolving alongside this unique incarnation you are traveling.

The great news is that as we start making listening to our inner being a daily priority, guidance actually starts coming from everywhere! It seems like it might be coming from outside of you, but really it is your own inner being speaking to you through your surroundings.

Once you open to receiving guidance on your journey it becomes a regular occurrence.

For myself, the guidance often comes in songs. I will have an earworm of a song in my head and when I stop and really pay attention to the lyrics, they’re always the exact words for what I am going through.

Yesterday, as I was reflecting on some events from my youth, I had the thought that I was a “late bloomer” in some areas of my life. A half-hour later I got in the car and Sarah Harmer’s song “Late Bloomer” was playing.

You have to wonder…is this my own consciousness talking to me through song?

And the truth is, it doesn’t really matter—because the point isn’t that any of this guidance means anything, specifically. There is no right or wrong answer or information that comes from paying attention to our guided intuition. There is no fate or exact thing that needs to happen.

Instead, when we’re open to guided intuition, we are simply acknowledging the absolute wisdom and preciousness of the moment and its ability to give us the direction we need. When we open to this truth of guided intuition, we feel less alone and like our life path is trustworthy.

Guidance and intuition can come from every direction imaginable. From the mind, the senses, the angels, nature, your body, and of course your own energy.

Guidance and intuition can also come in the form of other people, numbers, images, or memories. Everything we experience in the moment is guidance for our path if we don’t fight with it, doubt it, resist it, or attack ourselves with it.

Guidance is everywhere—are you ready to believe this?

Having an intuitive meeting with yourself means intentional and purposefully opening to this guidance. Intuitive meetings with yourself are conversations with your own soul, which happens to also be the collective soul.

Intuitive meetings are sacred times to ask yourself the hard questions about your worries, concerns, future, and purpose.

To engage in an intuitive meeting with your own being, all you need to do is ask and just listen. This process of asking and listening is not about gaining a certain outcome but about simply opening to the process.

In intuitive meetings with ourselves, nothing needs to be planned or figured out, instead, you just let it all the intuitive information that arises seep in to your being and subtly influence the way you move through your life.

A 7-Step Intuitive Meeting Healing Technique:

Step 1: This technique can really be done anywhere. But it’s important to not have distractions. It can be nice to be alone, out in nature, or settled quietly in your bedroom. This is sacred time, so it is good to put the phone and computer away and commit to connecting to your own self and your own guidance.

Step 2: Set the intention that this time is for the purpose of healing for your highest good.

Step 3: If you have a specific problem or confusion in your life, then form a question around it and send the question into your own soul and then just wait quietly for what comes. It is good to keep the question open-ended. For instance, “What do I need to know about how I am feeling about a certain person?” or “I am feeling confused about this job change, please give me guidance?” We don’t want yes or no questions. We can also just ask the very general question of, “What do I need to know about my journey at this point in time?” We want to go broad with the questioning and be open to guidance.

Step 4: If you are sitting inside in meditation or lying in bed you can have your eyes closed. Pay attention to sensations, memories, words, or images that come to you. If something powerful comes through, you might cry, shake, or feel blissful gratitude. You might also feel frustrated, bored, or full of dread. Just notice everything and judge nothing.

Step 5: If you are in nature, keep your eyes open. You might see an animal or certain tree or something that connects with your question. We don’t need to get overly excited about the guidance that comes through. Just let it enter into your open heart.

Step 6: If you like to journal you might want to jot down some of the guidance that presented itself. Also, it can be nice to chat with a good friend you trust who is nonjudgmental about what you discovered.

Step 7: It is important to remember that everything is temporary and dynamic. So, none of the guidance you experienced is set in stone or exact. It is all a shifting process. Stay open to the changes.

Taking time to listen and be in relationship with our own intuition is a necessary antidote to the confusion of being human. I hope you find some time soon to connect with the wealth of intuitive guidance available to you.


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