October 29, 2019

Mercury Retrograde (October 31-November 21, 2019): Surrender to Love, Unmasked.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

Mercury, the trickster planet of communication, intellect, technology, and the mind, is going retrograde on Halloween, October 31, 2019 until November 21, 2019.

It’s time to wrap up the year with deep renewal and more self-awareness and love.

This Mercury Retrograde season will be life-changing and can help you transform your future by discovering your depth, connecting to your passion, and ultimately becoming fearless in who you are—by embodying love at every level.

We all have the potential to make our life fabulous, to become happy, and to live life to the fullest. Yet to do that, we must look at ourselves, how we live our life, the beliefs we carry, the thoughts we think, and the continuous karmic patterns that keep us in the same mental, emotional, psychological state.

This Mercury Retrograde is the final test and the opportunity for us all to surrender better to love and realize the lessons 2019 has been trying to teach us.

It’s Scorpio season and the end of the year. The Scorpion tendency is to get lost and caught up in control issues, manipulation, addictions, and devilish deeds that don’t really serve who we are. Too often the Scorpion wants things their way, or none at all, and will fail to listen to the outside world and see what people are trying to reveal to them.

Don’t get stuck in your own mental perception and projections this retrograde. Mercury often creates trickery and deception and whatever plays out for the next three weeks is probably a way for you individually to self heal issues of the past and learn in the present.

The secret is to connect to your emotions, speak your truth from a non-reactionary state, and see where you forget about yourself when you change to please others and society.

We are able to change by shifting our mentality, creating new structures, and developing a solid foundation within ourselves. It’s everyone’s responsibility to individualize, become secure within themselves, and develop emotional and psychological maturity, rather than act out and create chaos and harm. Our passion and the things that motivate us and bring us joy are the guiding forces that show us how to create more satisfaction.

Astrology can help us adjust our lens of perception and release old filters so that we can see reality for what it really is, rather than how we think it is and needs to be.

There is always a bigger movie playing, we often can’t see the scenes or know the end of the story. Yet people are characters who are always playing something out for us and with us. We have to be willing to let our emotions move, let pain be felt, and release the internal issues that are keeping us uptight, controlling, and disconnected from the empathy and compassion within the heart.

This mercury retrograde of 2019 is important because it’s ending the decade and whatever we choose in this cycle will be what ushers us into 2020.

Karmically, it’s our choice whether we evolve, wake up to the fantasy playing in our mind, and create change by making better choices and becoming better people.

Don’t get tricked and lost during these next three weeks. The world may seem like it’s in a chaotic and negative state. Be mindful of the people who come into your life, including those relationships from the past. Rather than cutting the cords fast, consider what they need to say to you, and allow yourself the ability to receive karmic closure.

The October 2019 Mercury Retrograde cycle is helping us all mend old karma and release the burdens and inner stuff that is keeping our hearts heavy and causing us to live less than happy. Harmony with one another creates balance and requires clear, honest communication.

It’s up to us to transform though and to realize our potential at a soul level. The universe continues to bring things and people around to help us grow. It’s up to us to learn to say yes to ourselves and truly embody love at our own core level. That means, treating others the way you would want to be treated and managing your own mental and emotional stability. You have to be willing to own your worth and have enough courage to know what you want and how you want to be treated.

The depth of our soul is in recognizing our deepest primal emotions and by tapping into the heart to open more and allow wonderful things in.

All acts of insecurity and all the ways we point fingers, blame, shame, and belittle others are coming to the forefront for those people to realize how they self-sabotage and harm others. We can all be the devil, filled with gluttonous self-hatred and greed, wanting to control, and get our way. Yet, until we realize that real fulfillment is created in the heart, we will never get a real happily ever after.

The biggest burden anyone can carry is their own act of self-hatred and closing the heart by putting up walls, lying, and failing to forgive and let go. Those scars continue to bleed onto others and cause separation until we individually mend the brokenness inside and all the ways we unconsciously hold onto people, hide, and escape, to make life a bit easier and pleasant.

Mercury wants us to look at ourselves, our raw and real nature, and see what masks we are wearing so we can become stripped and be free from hiding. The mystery of life is revealed to us as we individually blossom and consciously start to create the life we always wanted. However, we need experiences to shape us and help us grow so that we can be better led, become a bit stronger, and most importantly, fall out of codependent behavior.

This Mercury Retrograde cycle, the last of 2019, will force us to slow down and live more in the present so we can get out of the mind and appreciate the story we have thus written for ourselves. We will all be looking at family issues, the bonds that created us, and the karmic DNA we inherited as well as what’s stressing our mind and body. We must be willing to see how our childhood and past history has created us, our patterns, how we think, what we attract, and the choices we make.

Consider where you have fallen out of grace and allowed your own loveless patterns and mindset to ruin relationships and even ruin your life.

It is only by resisting the past, consciously seeing mistakes, bringing awareness to our patterns, and how we think, feel, and act, that can ultimately release us from fear and all the ways we were once conditioned and taught. The time is now to heal our hearts, restore relationships that matter, and connect on more personal levels.

The past is in the past, yet it will haunt you the more you close down, the less you open, and with your own inability to live in kinder and more loving ways.

2020 is a radical paradigm shift and everyone on the planet right now is suffering in some kind of internal way. We are all learning to release fear, take care of ourselves, develop better values, and live life in more serene and gentle ways so that we can connect more, have open hearts, and truly love life, and all the joy and all the pain and all the stress that happens along the way. We need to become the change, embody it, and live life in more meaningful and loving ways.

Consider what’s blocking you from radiating and living a happy and great life. Mercury teaches us to receive information that can help us bridge the gap of the past, have more understanding, and open our eyes to new possibilities. Stay open during this three week cycle and let love heal you and help you.

The universe is full of mystery and magic. We must be open to it in our own minds and let ourselves dance with it and never lose our sense of wonder, or doubt our power to create a life we truly love, so that we may live with our hearts free of fear and wide open. Mercury is the messenger who helps us communicate better, teaches us to laugh, and shows us that life is playful, fun, and enchanting, but only when we release fear and control of how we think and have been taught our reality needs to be.


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