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October 24, 2019

Spark in the Dark

Spark in the Dark

Here I stand in the Dark

Feeling nothing wondering at life

I blink and gaze into the night

At shifting patterns of darks moving light

A spark begins a tiny flicker

Is this my eyes?

A trick of no light


A bit more of a flicker

Then a shimmer, a glimmer a glow of life

Then a twirl it’s getting bigger

As it grows in the night

Am I Seeing this?

Is it true?

A tiny ball of light in darkness swells

Now it’s the size of my eye

It’s spinning and glowing

A tear runs down my cheek

Now in the space between blinks

The spark is a doorway it beckons and winks

Oh my pounding heart

Do I dare to look?

Do I dare to jump through?

I reach out to touch the door

I feel the love and magic that weaves through by the score

I take the leap and jump through from night

Now as I stand in this most beautiful site

Tiny bells tinkle and ring through this place

13 sounds, all different as can be

Like nothing felt before

Then they ring 1at a time

12 tones of the earth her sounds and her call

The 13th tones its so different in pitch

Then I feel a shift and a mist

A bell rings its sweet magical pitch

A shadow appears from the mist

As she appears

My heart skips a beat

My excitement grows

I cannot speak

She reaches out with hands strong

Oh my dear we’ve waited so long for your return to these lands

We wait and we wait send sparks to the night

Praying and singing for our own to return home to sight

Let us look on your face

Your beauty abounds with this magical place

Come follow me to the grove of life

Where we begin with loving life

Into the mist my heart thundering strong

I blinked once and once again

Do my eyes deceive?

Shut them once and open again

Before me the most amazing expansive grove spread

Sanding strong and wise a sentinel of trees as high as the sky

They rose and rose to the light and higher still out of my sight

So old and wise they homed the owls

Even more as my eyes adjust

Sitting high above gently tinkling and glowing were thousands of tiny bells of light

Strung so delicate with gossamer strands webs and weaves as the dew drops expand.

Below the squirrels sat laughing with glee enjoying a chat with their Fairy Company

Then as my gaze drifted around

I see Ravens, Doves a flash of red announced the Robin’s flock more and more arrived with their calls

A caw ,a sigh, A quack , A cluck and a squawk

All sitting together in harmony welcoming me

Singing softly and loudly with wild glee

Sending my heart soaring with love and joy

My sight drifted to the colours below

The most magnificent flowers all jewelled with pearl drops of dew

Roses peonies and night shade hews

Comfrey Lavender giant hyssops and Irises nodding and greeting my tear filled sight

Filling my heart with more joy and delight

Then I felt her hand in mine twinkling and sparking with a magic so raw

I gazed once again on the woman from the mist who held my hand and opened this door

Welcome home her eyes were saying

Welcome home my sister we have waited so long

We are happy you heard and answered our song

Then as before out of the mist eight women appeared standing with love and open hearted awe

Crying with joy, laughing for the return of the lost for so long

I stood and watched not sure what was to be

I stood transfixed not wanting to move

Is this a dream soon to dissolve?

Then they encircled me in a deep embrace

Now we are here and our task unfolds

For this moment forward we rebuild our home

I felt their hug sand kisses so light

Avalon returns this very night

We sang and we danced weaving light and magic with the trees

Laughing and singing with the birds at ease

Weaving our joy in threads of light sending them to the tree tops high

Knowing this magic will always last calling to others near and far from her sight

I felt all the love in the magical grove that night

Now as i sit in the darkness of night

I see the bells and the grove the giant trees so high

Sharing the wisdom that needs to be told

Holding my sisters as the story unfolds

Now it begins there is no undoing the call

Avalon speaks through her hearts call

Do you see fairies with webs of light

Sparkles that dance in the darkest of night

Do you see raindrops and dewdrops of light

Glowing with images of another place or time

Fill your heart and open her door

Let your lotus bloom and glow even more

Bringing her magic into your world

Sharing and spreading her word and song

Now you have heard the call of the isle

There is no returning to the darkness of night

The sparks of the goddess burn forever bright


Donna Morgan 2018

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