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October 11, 2019

The Seven Stages of Twin Flame Conscious Romantic Relationship – Stage 4: The Purging

In many ways this is where the real work of the twin flame conscious relationship happens.  The rollercoaster has made its way to the top, you are captive now as you have enjoyed the heights of bliss that you never believed you could have experienced.

The purging is where your partner acts in particular ways that are perfectly in alignment to trigger or elicit any wounds that are unhealed within you. Any fear or lack of self-love will rise to the surface of your connection.  The more you can understand what is happening the more easily you can remember to choose to respond differently when you are triggered. In this way old timelines are dissolved and you begin to live increasingly from the present.

The emotions that you experience will be far more intense than would initially expect to be warranted by the words or behaviours from your twin.  In many ways this is a clue that that you are clearing old baggage and healing wounds with the consciousness of your awareness.

In my relationship my lover would emotionally withdraw or physically leave at times which would terrify the wounded boy within me as it was experienced as a reliving of the emotions that still resided within me from when my mother died when I was young. The triggering meant I was able to gradually enable the man in me to respond differently to her actions until eventually any similar behaviour no longer triggered me and instead I could be more compassionate and understanding of how she was reacting to old wounds and patterns.

When we are triggered by another it is never actually about what they do or say but how we interpret their words or actions.  You must choose to take responsibility and the more you can see the triggers as gifts and be grateful to your partner for bringing them to light the quicker you will move through the challenging time of purging.  It’s as if your twin is a nurse and she has opened up a festering wound so that it can be cleaned out and healed properly once and for all.

Our awareness and integrity are key to how quickly we can move through, heal these wounds, release fear and make way for more self love and less co dependency. This is the purpose of twin flame relationship.

Stage Five, coming soon, is The Dance


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