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October 12, 2019

The Seven Stages of Twin Flame Conscious Romantic Relationship – Stage 6: The Home Coming

The ultimate purpose of the twin flame journey is coming home to oneself; a reintegration of your broken parts, an inner marriage of the divine twin flame masculine and feminine energies within.  Whether two people choose to stay together or not is secondary to the true purpose of twin flame relationships because the real success of a relationship is not dependent on whether or for how long you stay together but on how deep you travel.  It’s about how much you learn from each other and to what extent your wounds are healed so that you can come home to the present and enjoy the miracle of this human experience and help the collective by radiating loving energy.

As a result of the work done in my twin flame relationship, the shadow that always haunted me is no longer present.  There was always this sense that I was incomplete in my own company and not being in relationship always felt very uncomfortable.  I was always waiting, looking, hoping for the next relationship in the times when I was single.  Now there is a deeper peace.  I miss her sometimes when we are not together but it’s not a painful missing like it used to be.  It’s now a clean choice that I would like to be with her instead of that I don’t want to be with myself.

We trust each other more each day, the wounds keep healing and there is a sweeter sense of companionship and ease.

We can only be truly at home with another to the extent that we are home within ourselves. This means that essentially we are not living and seeing the world through the lens of past wounds but that we have a clearer and more innocent perspective on everything.

It would be inaccurate and misleading to say that I feel totally at home all the time.  It feels as if there will always probably be more work to be done. But I know that the journey is the destination and every day I can realise my at homeness more and more.

Perhaps the ultimate home coming is the death of these human bodies and the end of the ego. Time will tell and I shall let you know from beyond the veil when I get there!

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