November 23, 2019

A 10-Step Guide to Stress-Free Holidaying.

How to avoid common socializing pitfalls while staying true to yourself.

It’s so hard to be ourselves and still enjoy the holiday season. Everyone wants us to conform to their image of who we are and what we should be.

Parents want the perfect child, siblings want your devoted attention, friends want your exclusive support and dedication, while work colleagues and frenemies can be even more demanding and brutal.

As you prepare your social schedule, consider these 10 tips to survive the holidays:

1. Come Prepared

Develop a 15-second elevator pitch on what you’ve been up to, so when overindulged cousin Melissa or your ex’s new partner approaches to do the one-upmanship battle, you can demonstrate in a few sentences that you have a grand lifestyle with solid goals and clear prospects.

2. Dress Confidently

Rock your best look. Wear an outfit that makes you feel self-assured and poised. Remember, even Batman and Superman did their best work in their favorite costume.

3. Smile

A grin will relax you and make them all wonder, perhaps with envy, what you’ve been up to these days.

4. Power Your Positivity

Enter the gathering feeling upbeat. Do not anticipate that anything bad will happen. Be grateful for all you do have. Bring this vibe with you to the event and try to remain buoyant and jovial.

5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

No sunset can be duplicated and neither can you be. You are one of a kind. An original. You might not have been dealt the best cards in life, but play the game with all you’ve got. No one made it easy for you. Stop being critical of yourself and realize that others might admire you for all you have accomplished and have worked through.

6. Do a Little Intel

Find out who will be at the get-together. Zero in on any like-minded guests and keep them as your go-to pack.

7. Be the Diplomat

Don’t engage politically unless you really need to step in and be a social vigilante and defend what is clearly correct and just. You might be the one who has to change the channel. If things are getting heated, suggest a different type of debate on much less flammable topics: Best decade for music? Best burger joint? Gin or vodka martini?

8. Keep Calm and Don’t Take the Bait

Go in with an affirmative attitude, but realize some people just like to challenge others and push buttons. Resist this type of aggravation. Take a moment, take a breath, and be the cool queen or king that you are.

9. Listen to Yourself

Use your instincts. If something or someone seems toxic, walk away. Seek out the guests you can relate to with similar values and stick with them. Listen to your gut and have faith in your powers of perception.

10. You Are Your Own Superhero

You might not have been raised to believe that you have charm, grace, and are worthy of self-belief, but you have all the tools you need inside you. Tap into your own hidden gold mine of abilities and talents. Breathe it in. As you enter the bash or small family dinner, remember that your superhero self will be right by your side.

Happy Holidays, my friend.

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