November 2, 2019

Autumn: the Season for Coming Home to Ourselves.


Was the name of the season

and the name of what happened between us.

We had a falling out.

the leaves were changing

And so were we,

And as reds turned to oranges turned to yellows

Our hearts had changed like the

rhythms in a bleeding kaleidoscope

The shape of our lives had bled

From one season to the next

And as triangles turned to ellipses

and we seesawed back and forth

In between ecstasy and broken agreements

I waved goodbye to summer

to dancing

to the summer in your goodbye.


‘Tis the fall season, and may we all enjoy everything it has to offer, without getting sad at the passage of time or regretting moments lost, moments forsaken.

The Autumn season, no matter where you live, is a time to come home to our roots as a human being. Not all of us can live in a tree in the middle of the woods, foraging our food for the winter as in olden days, so we must learn how to do it ourselves, in our own way. We must, also, put our own personal spin on things.

How can we enjoy the season of Autumn in both an antiquated and up-to-date way?

>> Drink a cup of tea at the end of a long day.

>> Snuggle up in a blanket.

>> Light a candle to celebrate the longer hours of dusk.

>> Take a test online, or in-person, to find out your Ayurvedic type.

>> Call a long-forgotten friend.

>> Enjoy the Danish concept of “hygge,” the experience of warmth, hearth, and community.

>> Put some honey in your tea.

>> Rake some leaves.

>> Make a photo journal of foliage, if you have it in your area, and post it on Facebook for all of your friends to see.

>> Have a fire on the beach with marshmallows (the bigger and fatter the marshmallows, the better).

>> Toast to the end of another year, hopefully well-lived.

>> Start thinking of your resolutions for the coming year.

>> Start to nest.

>> Buy lots of chicken soup and stockpile it in your cupboard.

>> Wear plaid shirts.

>> Buy a pumpkin for your front stoop.

And most of all, just like the forest, don’t forget to put down roots for the coming year ahead.


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