November 26, 2019

Chart: how many Hours you’re supposed to Sleep based on your Age.

I’m grateful for all you who are 1) willing to look at how hard things can be as well as how wonderful things are and 2) not give up! ~ Waylon, on Thanksgiving.

“In the spirit of giving, LUFT will give one free adult mattress and one free children’s mattress to two Elephant Journal readers who leave a comment about this video in this blog, below about why you need a new, eco mattress. The two deserving comments will be picked by the end of December!”

How many hours a day (night) you should Sleep, according to your Age.

How to get a good night’s sleep? And why it matters.

“Four out of five people say that they suffer from sleep problems at least once a week and wake up feeling exhausted.”

If you sleep well, you don’t need this chart. If you don’t sleep enough, you do. If you don’t sleep well, you do. Tomorrow (see the event link at bottom) I’ll Below, I talk with a Sleep Expert about tips for a good night’s rest. ~ Way

I’ve always slept like a baby. A baby who sleeps well. Don’t hate me.

But I abused sleep, in the sense that I avoided it, night owling my exhausted way through life. Until I read some article in the NY Times that basically said, if you don’t sleep enough, it makes you stupid. You’re no good at making decisions.

I’m an entrepreneur. I need my smarts, my decision-making. So now, I try to sleep 8 hours a night, generally.

And I love it.

My pre-existing how-to-sleep-well habits include:

For me, I meditate before bed, no electronics in the room and phone on airplane mode/do-not-disturb in another room (which also helps force me to get up in the morning when its alarm goes off), keep the room cool (I turn off my thermostat every night, down to 52 degrees), and see my mutt Redford sleeping nearby (that’s a real biological thing).

Chart via NY Times. For more: Download and print their sleep diary worksheet.


What’s your tip for sleeping well?

In the spirit of giving, LUFT would like to give one free adult mattress and one free children’s mattress to a deserving Elephant Journal reader. Please share with us, in the comments of this article, why you could really use a new mattress. A deserving recipient will be picked by the end of December.



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