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November 22, 2019

Go to your heart to change the world this holiday season

This world is full of illusion.  Many people are numbed to it and they move along unknowingly agreeing to the way of life being broadcast by the powers that be. They stay focused on their daily ups and downs and pay little attention to the agreements they are always making. People agree to so much its hard to begin compiling the list. From merchandise and gender roles to taxes and human connection, time, place, money…, there is always a message, a motive underlying our societal systems. It is a group consciousness creating a web of “reality.”  This makes sense since the concentration of any force of energy will be the one in popular favor, knowingly or unknowingly. However, I believe that we are meant to wake up and understand the dynamics around us, the subtle underground workings of the world we live in, and the things with which we are agreeing on a minute by minute basis. Understanding the places we get locked in and entrapped helps us understand our true nature and can illuminate what could be our purpose here.

Let’s assume our purpose is to wake up to the matrix around us and find freedom from it, then use that perspective to go back in and alter it Assuming this, we would need to go through a process of unraveling all the things keeping us trapped and find, instead, our deep personal truth. Then, as we learn our truth, we begin to embody our truth and this sets us free from the web. The freedom of this allows us space and  expansiveness.  In this space and expansiveness we find our connection to our ultimate inner source of creativity, and we realize our massive ability to create. We then use this creative ability to create from a heart centered place a brand new world, one not steeped in the old lies of lack, fear, shame, and guilt. We can use our creative powers, the power that is inherent in life itself as evidenced in the natural world and in the law of creation to create beauty and love imbued with power that comes from within, not outside of, us.  All things are vibration so we use our newfound love frequency to create a new, high vibration and this vibration creates more of itself, attracts more of itself, and becomes the new, loud, concentrated force of energy. We are then left with a new world, a new paradigm, a new high vibrational existence.  We move from the current low vibrational world to one that is full of love and ease.

In our daily lives, as we step away from norms, and instead create from our hearts, we free ourselves from the trappings of this life matrix we are living inside.  In the process of creating from love, creating anything that comes from our hearts, in our most infinite creative ability, always knowing the greater truth of our heart, we create a new abundance. We create new energies that are different from those of the matrix in which we have been living. We build an opposite force to lack which is based in abundant love.  As we say no to all things fear based, lack based, and instead choose to create from our wellspring of original source energy, from our connection to the divine mystery, we starve the beast and create a new world.

The powers that be are always feeding off the energy we create from lack and fear and shame. When we respond to the subtle messages with stress, sorrow, guilt, anger, separation, the beast gobbles up that energy.  We can see this in the world around us.  We see the power of panic.  We see the result of enslaving people with fear.   When we say NO MORE to fear, NO MORE to a sense of LACK, when we  step outside the norms, the decreased diet of the matrix monsters may begin to anger them.  They will possibly rear up in even more anger, more violently to stop the withdrawal. The matrix exists because of agreements. If we no longer agree, what does our world become?  When we begin to change fear into love and lack into abundance, and this becomes our new “reality” what happens to the matrix?

The matrix falls apart.

We can deconstruct the system we live in by no longer agreeing. First we need to wake up and begin asking ourselves what it is that we agree with and where we are hooked in.  We gradually let go, find our inner source of light, and create from there.  We re-write the program to one that is heart based, love based.  No more lack and fear.  We do this one by one, each one of us waking up, growing bigger and brighter with our creative energy, and we then light the way for others.  This is the way we create a new world.  We don’t create by staying numb, so the first few steps might feel uncomfortable, in the same way we begin to feel pain when Novacaine wears off.  The FEELING is where its at, though.  That place were it doesn’t feel good is the gateway to power, to re-writing the world.  Its the pain of the old breaking away but remember that is what we want.  Dismantle fear to let in love.

We are approaching the holidays and the matrix loves this time of year.  There is so much delicious energy to gobble up. There is so much energy put out because of the lack monster.  Please consider every moment of these next few weeks and ask, what are you buying into? What belief is holding its grip on you? Is it fear of losing people, fear of what others think, fear of being alone, fear of missing out?  Is it guilt that has you buying more, cooking more, draining yourself further?  Is there shame guiding your daily habits, causing you to have that conversation, treating others that way, numbing you out?  Look into your world and ask where fear, guilt, and shame, the lack trio, are running your program. Then be willing to say no and instead replace those thoughts with love.  When this seems hard, ask yourself the simple question, Is this my soul’s truth? What is?  When you really ask the heart and then listen to its reply (note: it may be much softer than the ego and matrix monster) you will re-write your story. You’ll replace the old way with the new. Step by step this will create a new world, a new way.  Go to your heart and begin making those courageous changes.  Make this holiday season heart based.  Re-write the norms.

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