November 24, 2019

The New Moon in Sagittarius shows us our Options, our Shadows & what’s Not Meant to Be.” (November 26)

Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

The only way to change your life is to change yourself, shift your perception, and change your behavior.

The Tuesday, November 26, 2019 new moon in Sagittarius is helping everyone up level their beliefs and realize their true potential.

The thing about astrology is, that it helps us understand our inner and outer worlds. By “following the stars” and knowing our own astrology, we can navigate life easier and see what lessons we are being asked to learn, and where we need to cut the cords—cut those ties and the people who bind us to overcome old patterns.

Until we are willing to realize how conflict, chaos, and stress is causing us dysfunction and disease, we will continue in our same karmic cycles and refuse to change within ourselves.

Since we are on the verge of the paradigm shift of 2020, these last few months of 2019 are really showing us all our shadows, where we are staying stuck, how we are unwilling to forgive, and where we need to value our own self-worth, and also operate with more compassion and love.

The emotional, mental, and karmic things that we cling too are what will govern our future and what happen in our own life. This new moon is the new beginning, where we can realize our fullest potential, only by realizing the self.

Consider what 2019 has taught you and how relationships have changed and what really matters to you personally. It is through people that we evolve and grow. Yet, only when we are willing to be alone, be ourselves, align with our own values, and understand our own purpose in living, can we show up and live in our own individuality. And living well by creating our dreams from a place that is not based on conditioning or codependence.

Sagittarius is the dreamer of the zodiac and the sign that encourages us to travel, explore, and be the free spirits we were born to be—that means tapping into who we are, our soul, and our individuality.

The systems we have in America and throughout the world, often don’t allow us to truly be full in our Sag element, so that we can wander, explore, love, and live a positive life, with a good attitude, while being fully expressed, and while having the freedom to be ourselves.

This is where our world falters and how we have fallen into systems that cannot truly align with our dreams and hearts desires. In fact, if we are only living to work and make money, and striving to pursue the American Dream, as most were taught to do, we will continue to suffer.

Because what all astrology, relationships, and life teaches us is how to embody a better relationship with ourselves and our own soul. Until we get there, we live in the longing for the fairy-tale and the fantasy of happily ever after. Depending on where we are in our own human evolution, we will continue to lust, demand, control, and react in order to get our way, and achieve what our mind thinks it wants.

Don’t get stuck living in the past, or with patterns and people that your heart knows is not forever. Take the lessons, appreciate the time, and leave fear behind by letting go and trusting.

Unless we are awake and aware, we may be living in the dream that Sagittarius pursues, that dream is doing whatever it takes to create a reality the way we want it. While we can take that route, there are hard lessons when we are unwilling to silence the mind, connect to the body, and fully move into the heart to allow life to be created from a loving and easy state.

This new moon is the radical changing point that is showing us our options, our shadows, and how we are holding too tightly to things and people that are not meant to be. Most of all, it’s showing us where our emotional needs need to be felt, heard, expressed, and integrated in order to overcome shadows of the past.

The lesson of the Sagittarius archetype is to learn through experience and yes, to chase dreams, but to do that in a more magical and receiving way. It is through challenging the mind and overcoming and questioning everything we thought we knew that we evolve in our conscious and let go of the attachments that hold us back.

Sagittarius succeeds by chasing their vision, by aligning with their own self-worth, and by realizing their potential by being a fully free spirit, embodied in themselves—but we must all know who and what that is, and why we were born and created to pursue that vision.

The fear our mind and bodies hold will cause us to act out, hold onto people, think we need a marriage to succeed, and cause us mental and emotional agitations, and usually a lot of drama and suffering. Our lessons are learned in this state when we can’t loosen our grip of reality, free our mind, and live fully loving with one another.

This new moon in November 2019, is the shifting point where we can choose whether we will change, shift the pattern, wake up with new perception, and heal the demons of the past—or whether we will stay stuck in the old. It is a choice we all face, and an important time to be aware of what and who you’re choosing.

The beauty of a dream is that it is always possible. Yet it takes our own visionary mentality, attitude, and discipline to fully create the dream we really seek. Sagittarius helps us all grow wiser by developing wisdom through experience, which ultimately helps us surrender the head, the mind, and the conditioning we use in order to feel and live more deeply through and with the heart.

It is only with the heart that we can live well, live with peace, live with joy, and release the karmic ties that bind us to our insecurities, needs, desires, and unconscious fears. This new moon is shifting our lens, forcing us to higher beliefs, and showing us how to live with more integrity in ourselves.

This new moon is heavy, as are many things during the holiday season, and it requires a purge. Yet, everyone must reflect on the year, the lessons, what mercury retrograde was teaching us, where we are playing our fantasies in the mind, and how we have escaped, attached, and abandoned our own sense of self.

Ultimately, all we have is our own ability to dream, to imagine, to create, to change ourselves, to do the work to live a more inspiring and loving life, and to aim our arrow toward the direction we want to go. We also have the ability to believe, have the faith, and change our own ideas, so that we can truly create a wonderful life and live happy and well, simply by believing in ourselves.

Yet, to receive and achieve anything, we must first develop and believe in it within us and for ourselves—and we must be daring to have a vision and a dream, and then to dream the impossible and know it can become real.

Dream on, hold your faith, and trust your own process in shedding the layers to live your own better self!

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