November 22, 2019

Sweet & Savory vegan mango Sushi.

From inside the womb, I made my mother vegan.

She told me that while she was pregnant with me, she couldn’t eat any animal products without getting sick. Almost 30 years later, I am thriving on a plant-based diet. I believe that a plant-based diet and a daily yoga practice are the foundation for building a healthy body and mind.

This vegan sushi is so good you won’t even miss the fish (if that’s your thing). The mango texture gives this sushi recipe some fishy vibes without the raw fish.

I love the tasty combination of mango with teriyaki sauce. I chose to use brown rice to make my sushi a little healthier, but it’s harder to roll than traditional sushi rice. For me, it’s worth the extra effort. This dish is definitely healthy enough to be one of my weekly go-to meals. It’s quick, easy, fun, and a little different.


>> Brown rice
>> Seaweed sheets
>> Rice vinegar
>> Carrots
>> Cucumber
>> Avocado
>> Mango
>> Vegan teriyaki sauce
>> Salt to taste


Cook one cup of brown rice in 1 and 1/4 cups of water on the stove until it is soft. Then, stir in four teaspoons of rice vinegar into the rice until it begins to stick together. (I skip adding in sugar because I like to make things healthier. But, if you prefer sticky rice, add a dash of sugar.)

Chop up your veggies and fruit into long strips. Lay a piece of seaweed, and coat it in a thin layer of rice. Place your chopped carrots, cucumbers, mango, and avocado on top of the rice in a line. Slowly roll until it’s all one roll, and make sure to not let your plastic roll into your sushi.

Cut your roll into sushi pieces. If you’re having trouble with this step (it took me lots of tries to get this right, don’t worry), look up videos on sushi rolling on YouTube! The key seems to be having a sharp knife.

Dip it in your favorite sauce and enjoy!

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Read 4 comments and reply

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