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December 5, 2019

10 Creative Handmade Gift Ideas

  1. A unique watercolor card with a heartfelt note inscribed. Need inspiration? Pinterest is a wonderful place to source ideas.
  2. Create a memory book that includes generations of family photos. If celebrating with friends instead, perhaps print off favorite memories shared together.
  3. Fashion a handmade journal for someone who loves to write. All that is needed are materials already on-hand. Recycle some cardboard to make the cover; finish with linen or another soft fabric. Hand-sew the binding together with the paper neatly folded inside. Textural, recycled, newsprint-layered; have fun selecting the paper to include.
  4. Make a quill out of a sentimental feather. Would gift wonderfully beside the handmade journal.
  5. Knit or crochet a scarf, hat, mittens, or anything else that cozily suits someones fancy.
  6. Recycle some natural fabrics from thrifted clothing and sew into a handmade quilt or pillowcase.
  7. Make an eco-chic travel pouch for someone who loves adventure. Button or zip closures are easily sourced from a local quilting or fabric shop.
  8. Write down some heirloom recipes on note cards and make a box to store them in. Begin a new tradition of enjoying something each year that is fresh-baked; cookies, homemade bread, a strudel, gingerbread. Be inspired to share new recipes and keep adding to the collection! Sometimes a spontaneously-inspired idea turns out surprisingly delicious!
  9. Mix together the ingredients for hot cocoa, or another holiday treat (oatmeal and cinnamon cookies perhaps?), gift in a reusable mason jar. Tie with twine and some fresh sprigs of an herb that may also be used in a recipe.
  10. DIY a scented candle with cinnamon, vanilla, cedar, pine, or sage essential oil. Include the recipe on a hand-written card.
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