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December 25, 2019

10 Tips to Get 2020 Right From The Start

The New Year is upon us and it represents another opportunity to clear the decks, take control and breathe in a better, more enriched existence. Each of these steps is an action plan to launch your own self-reEvolution to move your life forward in 2020:

1. Clear the Chaos: Disorder will suffocate our souls. Disarray keeps us “stuck.” Organize and systematize your home, your laptop, your closet, your car and so forth. It will help you manage the muddle in your mind and begin to live life with purpose.

2. Climb Out of the Rut: If your everyday routine fails to make your heart sing, you are stuck in a life pothole. You might not have even noticed how deep the crevice has become. Don’t let another day go by without taking steps to free yourself from the drudgery of a grind. Recognize the patterns of behavior that are holding you down.

3. Shape Up The Day: Start your morning with a 15 minute walk around the block taking in the subtle details you can’t appreciate from a car. Resolve during this time to take steps that will move your life forward.

4. Reject FOMO: One clue to escaping the distress caused by the “fear of missing out” is to stop comparing yourself to others. They might have been dealt a sweet hand of cards to play in life. Remember there is no one like you. You’re completely unique. Appreciate all you do have and work on a plan to achieve what you aspire to be.

5. Stop People Pleasing: Take time to understand why you engage in this behavior. It could have deep roots. It takes practice to stop saying “yes” when you really want to say “no.” People pleasing is a habit. Be aware of manipulation. Realize you have a right to your time, your plans.

6. Find Your True North: Your true north is your rock, your base, your retreat, your fixed point that helps motivate and navigate you. Make a list of things about which you are passionate. Make another list of your skills and talents. Where the lists intersect lies your personal true north. Let it guide and fuel you.

7. Schedule Time Alone: Give yourself time to reflect on your wants, your needs, your dreams. Remember: wonderful things happen when we drift.

8. Forgive Yourself: Don’t dwell on past mistakes, regrets or failures. Make amends if you must and reposition your course to “forward.” There is a reason why we call it “the past.” Respect its’ lessons and leave it there where it belongs.

9. Set Goals: Craft targets and give them timelines. Putting a date to your dream will help you lock it in and motivate you to make it happen. Conceptualize short-term and long-term goals. Do something every day to move one step closer to fulfillment.

10. Be Your Own Superhero: No one is coming to save us in the New Year. We have to tap into our inner superhero to create real change, heal us and create the life we want. We have all of the tools inside us. Feel great, huge, noble, just like the YOUtastic superhero you really are.

Happy New Year!

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