December 18, 2019

The 7 Keys to use the Energy of the Winter Solstice in our Everyday Lives.

Deep down, we humans remember that Solstices, the pivotal turns in the wheel of the year, have been honored by mystical traditions and cultures since time immemorial.


On some level, we remember it all—the rituals, the mysteries, the sacred spaces.

And not only do we remember, but we also crave the nourishment of ceremony, the homecoming to our ancestral lineages, the safety of long-gone communities and temples, the reverence that comes from carrying magic within.

Through celebrating the turns of the wheel of the year, we can satisfy this craving and nurture this remembrance. Reinstating sacred ceremonial practices of the past can be our soul food, replenishment for the year ahead, source of inspiration, and safe haven to rest in.

During these Solstice days, our blood and bones are open to the liminal space of intuitive guidance, stellar connection, and otherworldly vision.

Here is how we can leverage this miraculous opening:

First and foremost, we need to understand the energetic nature of Solstices, for they are the doorways to pure power.

For a couple of days, everything stands still in our world, allowing the elemental forces of nature to negotiate their coexistence, and rebalance themselves. Polarities are at the core of reality: we need yin as much as we need yang; we require rest as much as we require action. And it is through the dance of shadow and light that we come to comprehend our true nature, our deepest desires, and our most radiant core.

In the dance of polarities, there is a possibility of transcendence, a taste of the great beyond, a promise of healing through whole-making, a blessing of being both—not either/or.

Thanks to Solstices, twice a year we are invited into an energetic still point of re-evaluation and re-calibration. We are asked to embrace both our humanness and our divinity. We are pushed to inquire into all the ways in which we have been dishonoring, ignoring, or abusing polarities as much as we are welcomed to appreciate the unexpected gifts of our ups and downs.

How do Solstices impact us?

They offer us “system upgrades” by providing an opening for our subtle bodies and energy fields to rearrange themselves in accordance with higher-level frequencies. And no, there’s no big ba-boom or a special announcement from the angels. Mostly, these upgrades happen in a subtle way and result in a quantum level shift.

This means that during the Solstice days (in June and December), we become particularly open and receptive to cosmic energies, and hence, vulnerable. To integrate the shifts in energy, we need to create conscious and safe containers to help our bodies, minds, and hearts open up to these developments and process them fully.

When we are unaware of the nature of Solstice activations and do not provide space and time for these processes to unfold, we might experience the so-called ascension symptoms with added intensity.

To name the main ones:

>> Bodily aches like headaches.
>> Digestion issues.
>> Muscle tension.
>> Breathing difficulties.
>> Trouble sleeping.
>> Unexplainable anxiety and/or depression.
>> Heightened sensitivity and mood swings.
>> Flashbacks and time-related confusion, like suddenly missing chunks of time or experiencing it as crawling slowly.

In its most intense expression, these states might feel like you are about to crawl out of your own skin.

This is due to the fact that during Solstice days, the energies of new life (rebirth) and the energies of shedding layers (death) are engaging in a passionate dance inside of us, which might show up as rapid changes of our inner landscape; from sheer bliss to sudden panic, from unconditional happiness to deep sadness, from pure peace to earth-shattering panic.

These contrasts are a clear sign of energies being rearranged and inner blueprints being rewritten.

And no, we are not going crazy. Nothing is wrong, we are simply disintegrating old patterns, and they need to literally fall apart—energetically and often even physically in our DNA and tissue—so that the new authentic essence can have space to enter us and begin existing as us.

Discomfort happens when we resist the inner shifts or insist on micro-managing them.

Well, we cannot possibly control these processes. Analyzing them is utterly pointless and will only cause frustration. We need to make peace with the fact that some phenomena are unknowable and uncontrollable. That is the starting point of trust, which in turn will bring a greater sense of inner peace.

Here are some practical tips that we can use to support ourselves with processing Solstice energies and eventually, master them:

1. Stillness.

Stillness is essential because, during Solstices, a ton of energy is being funneled through the vessels of our bodies. It is like a house is getting remodeled. The less fuss and stress we create, the better.

We need to slow down. Soften. Grant ourselves some solitude. Behave like snails (or like lazy cats). Add some extra deep breaths to the space between our movements.

When things get intense, here is a visualization practice that can help: imagine a pillar of light that is grounding you down to Earth while simultaneously connecting you to the high-frequency spaces above. This pillar is always available to you as a resource of support and replenishment. Visualize warm light filling you up from the ground up, and calming, cool light flooding you from the top down.

2. Connection with the body.

Staying in close communication with our physical bodies and listening to them helps us stay centered through all the energetic transitions. We can connect with our bodies through deep breathing, placing our hands on the belly and heart, or through gentle movement like walking in nature, dancing, and yin yoga.

Everyone’s body and energy system is unique, so we must never apply any tool blindly. Discernment is crucial, and by observing what feels right to us, we come closer to ourselves and discover what works.

For me, sleep is the most healing tool of all. Having the luxury of waking up without an alarm and planning for relaxed lazy mornings is my best medicine. Long walks are my other go-to practice (pun intended)—I notice that movement is essential for integrating the upgrades. I also find fresh juices to be helpful. Through trial and error, a set of my fail-proof personal tools emerged.

3. Release.

We can use Solstice days to reflect on our past, note down our biggest lessons since the last Solstice, express gratitude to our earlier self—and then let it go. Yes, let it go. Clinging on to past identities and versions of ourselves binds our attention to the past, and hinders release that is essential for calling in a new state of being.

There is deep grace and immense freedom to be found in letting go of our old selves. We are being reborn again and again, and every portal way like the Solstice is a chance to open a new chapter.

To anchor the principle of release even deeper into the earthly plane, we can combine psychological release with “cleaning house”—donating old clothes, decluttering your computer, and so on.

4. Presence.

It might be tempting to try and predict the outcomes of our inner transformational processes. It is best, however, to avoid slipping into projection and future tripping, because it impacts our availability for the breakthroughs we can have if we simply stay with what is, every step of the way.

During Solstice days, we are in a zero-point zone of pure possibility. This zone is all about nothingness and openness. The less attached we are to linear time, the easier it is for us to connect with the highest version of our futures. It is important to let the steps unfold one by one, without pushing, and it is equally important to let each and every shift be fully felt, lived through, and embraced.

5. Trust.

Trusting the ever-changing flow of life is the key to feeling centered through transformation.

In connection with the previous key, managing transitions from our previous selves to the upgraded selves requires the ability to be with the unknown, plus a titanic dose of patience. Good news: patience and trust can be trained by doing our best to practice these qualities.

What helps is pondering on or journaling about the following questions:

>> How do I show up from trust?
>> What is needed for me to trust my future fully?
>> What does patience mean to me?
>> Who am I as a patient and trusting person?

By simply setting the intention to learn to trust, learn to accept, learn to allow, we are initiating the process of coming into resonance with these frequencies, and eventually, we can begin to embody them.

6. Pleasure.

Pleasure is the frequency that illuminates everything. Solstice energy shifts can sound like something so serious and intense, so it is crucial to create some balance through being playful with it. Laughing is allowed during upgrade processes! Yes, it is all sacred, and it can also be light. Fun, pleasurable activities provide a counterbalance to the higher dimensional experiences unfolding during Solstice.

In my experience, I found that planning fun activities and “playdates” with myself for Solstice days helps take my attention off the inner processes and aids my system in navigating the shifts.

7. Support.

There is way more help available than we allow ourselves to embrace, and this help is sometimes hard to accept because it is intangible. We need to allow for the possibility that life itself wants to hold and support us through our journeys of transformation.

The invisible forces of the Universe want to help us in any way required, but this can only happen if we let them.

This means we need to initiate requests for support. Be that through prayer, meditation, journaling, or channeling, we have to let our spiritual teams know what we need and how we want to receive it. And then, we have to take a step back, and let this support come through without being attached to when and how it comes. This is an invitation for us to stay open and let the Universe surprise us.

We have to trust that our souls, hearts, and bodies have the intrinsic wisdom that will hold us through every storm, console us through any transformation, and lead us in the right direction—as long as we stay close to ourselves and are willing to listen and follow our inner guidance.

May all our Solstice shifts be for our highest good, may our transitions smooth, and may our trust in life remain rock-solid.


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