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December 4, 2019

Everything is Figureoutable – Responding (instead of reacting) to Life

This has been my mantra for the past few weeks.


Marie Forleo is a brilliant motivational speaker, real-life talker, and the mastermind behind this mantra and new book with the same title. She has a YouTube channel, podcast, and recorded some beautiful, powerful conversations with some really cool people. Check her out if you need a breath of fresh air.

Energy flows where attention goes. If I am focused on the worst that can happen, it usually does.

My survival instinct is to react. Deal with the fallout later, but in order to make it through this ordeal (any stress that triggers my archaic brain), I need an answer and I need it now.

This survival mentality has kept me alive through some very messy and difficult life twists-and-turns. From sexual assault at age 4, homelessness at age 12, miscarriages, 8 months pregnant and father paralyzed, relationship lows, motorcycle accidents, emergency surgeries, and complicated family dynamics, surviving was the goal. Now that I am ready to up-level this mindset no longer serves the new me.

I’m not interested in just surviving anymore; I want to thrive. To experience life fully. To wake up energized and inspired and go to sleep satisfied. I want the dream vacations and the millions of dollars. I want to have the time, resources, and energy to empower underprivileged people and communities. I want to remind mothers of their strength, power, and intuition.

I had these hopes and dreams through the years; but I didn’t think they were possible because my energy was spread so thin. I was in constant survival-mode. Now, I can see the possibilities and feel the magic within the dream.

I relied on my survival instincts to live to see another day. I wasn’t focused on the future because the chaos was so omnipresent. I had to prioritize the fires in order to survive.

As I matured and experienced life, I realized there are always threats. There are always moments that will feel impossible. There will always be wrenches in my plans. There will always be difficult decisions to make. That I will fuck up. That I will choose poorly. That life is going to suck (for just a while).

These lessons are here to remind me that the variables of life are not mine to control. It is my responsibility to guide my energy to ride the waves of life with my heart centered and my energy aligned with my values and Core-Desired Feelings (CDFs – Danielle LaPorte’s brilliant approach to setting goals based on how you want to feel in life vs a specific goal/number).

Now. Thanks to one of my very favorite, wise humans (J) on this earth. I lean into the pause. The pause before the reaction. The pause before the jump. The pause to anchor into my values and desires.

Through this pause, I can see that Everything is Figureoutable and I do not need to figure it all out right now. I ask myself, “What is the best that could happen?”

I lean into my knowing that I have survived some very difficult situations. That I have always learned. That I am wiser than I was 5-10 years ago (hell, even 6 months ago).

That everything happens for a reason. That it is necessary to fall apart so that I can take forth with me what is meant for me and release the rest.

Pausing and clarity have given me the space to respond instead of react.

If you can find a moment each day, to focus on what you want to accomplish, what your values are, and what your core-desired feelings are, life will feel so much more manageable and you will have more energy to create the life you desire.


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