December 7, 2019

How to Save the World in Three “Easy” Steps.

We’re a pleasure-obsessed society.

Climate change is fixable, heal-able, experts say. They question our will to do so.

In Boulder, where I live, folks are reputed to be healthy, active, mindful, caring. And yet, every day, I see folks driving down Pearl Street, their heads bowed to their texts on their blue-glowing phones. I see folks idling–polluting the air we breathe, wasting gas we go to wars for, for 15 minutes at a time. I see folks buy plastic coffee to-go cups with lids, every day.

On their own, these are little problems. But they’re symptoms. If we can’t do the little things, how can we band together and, blue or red, rich or poor, resolve to save this earth from ourselves, and for ourselves?

It’ll take leadership—devoted, bold public servants who don’t just aim to please publicly and corrupt privately.

For that, we’ll have to turn out and vote in astonishing numbers.

We’ll have to read truth, not social media hype—so that we have a common set of facts around which to argue, listen, and find some consensus.

That’s our mission here: when you share this newsletter with a friend, or open it, or read an article—you’re helping mission-driven, indie media live and thrive and be of benefit, to you and outside our choir. When you write on Elephant, you open up the conversation beyond opinion, into dialogue and listening.

Your every action in Elephant (a read, comment, share…) creates ripples, and those ripples can become a tsunami—not of destruction, but of fun, healing, community and change—(just) before it’s too late.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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