December 2, 2019

The 2020 Paradigm Shift: in this New World, only the Heart can Survive.

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The world is changing as we know it and we cannot go back to the old ways of living.

We are changing paradigms with 2020 and moving away from the Age of Pisces: where victimhood, abuse, and religion took reigns over our hearts and corrupted our minds to believe that only something outside of us can save us—teaching us codependent habits along the way.

We are all being challenged now to overcome our own personal and collective history in order to evolve into more humane, kind, and loving individuals.

Humanity is now moving toward the “Golden Era,” also called the Age of Aquarius, where we live with more love, truth, honesty, kindness, and compassion. This paradigm shift allows us the ability to live happily and well, with a new kind of unity and love that most of the planet has not experienced and does not believe in, yet.

In order to make the world a better and more peaceful place, we must learn to overcome our selfish “me” attitudes and transform to care about the “we” and humanity as a whole. Rather than building walls and breaking hearts, we must become more open with one another and realize we all have the power and potential to create a wonderful life together.

Everyone will be challenged to rise beyond the codependent and victim consciousness of the past. Anyone depending on someone or something to give them everything they need and want will fall into the patterns of the past. Our narcissistic ways will continue until we confront our mental and emotional habits—and how they keep us in self-sabotaging patterns, living in loveless ways.

It will be everyone’s own journey to learn how to rise in integrity, integrate their shadow aspects, and consciously evolve.

The people we are around may cause opposition and show us our insecurities, fears, projections, and the poor ways we treat people. The romances we choose will determine our own ability to grow, or abandon ourselves for codependence. We will need to check-in with our emotional and mental state, whether we are allowing the past to control the present, and whether we are overcoming our own inner agitations.

Becoming aware, feeling our feelings, moving beyond triggers and reactionary patterns, and consciously living by knowing our internal state creates the external will to help us thrive better.

The history of the past does affect the present, yet we can heal in the moment by helping one another and honoring the burdens we may have once held.

We must take responsibility for ourselves, including our flaws and our weaknesses to live better with one another. This includes anyone reacting, getting defensive, pointing fingers, blaming others, living with self-hatred, suppressed emotions, mental projections, and insecurities—even those they cannot see or understand.

Compassion can help us all by knowing that love is what we are all chasing, in whatever behavior and form we do it in.

People matter, and we must confront our emotions and fears. Because to love requires us to love all aspects of ourselves, to feel our pain, to let go, and to be willing to live in more secure and honest ways.

We do have the choice to become kind, truthful, and loving people. We can forgive, move beyond our own filters, and create harmony and respect with one another.

In a world that has become greatly divided with the increase in divorces, with political chaos, and with a new society built around technology, the majority of us are greatly lacking emotional depth and emotional intelligence. In order to feel and become congruent within, we must be willing to also let go of our stubborn and fixed ways so we can learn to heal and love better.

Every soul will meet deeper connections, soulful and karmic relationships, and be forced to work through hard karmic ties, emotional repression, limiting beliefs, and more. This will be necessary in order to learn the hard lessons, level up, and overcome our own self-hatred and unconscious baggage keeping us from living in fully loving ways.

Often, the most challenging relationship to let go of will also be the biggest and best lesson, when we are willing to take our blinders off and see where our attachment traps us, keeping us from getting the kind of love and relationships we actually desire.

Until we have our own heart full with joy, happiness, and without the need to hold, control, cling, and demand, we will not be fully healed or capable of designing a virtuous life.

There are no free rides in life; it is up to us to overcome whatever conditioning we were taught, to authentically rise within ourselves, support ourselves, nurture ourselves, and most of all, love ourselves.

In this new world, only the heart can survive.

Everyone has a choice in whether they cling to their ego and mind, or whether they evolve into a higher perspective and let wounds be the catalyst for growth. Projecting pain onto others will not work anymore and will sever bonds.

Until we take accountability for our words, actions, deeds, behaviors, and how we treat each other, we will continue to live ignorantly in the old mindset.

While it’s easy to get distracted in the exploration of new-age consciousness and seeking something called g-o-d, what we are all being challenged to do is rise up and move into our own individuality and authenticity.

This rise of consciousness is happening. It’s time “to be” and “be yourself” fully, rather than believing in something outside of you.

I can tell you in my own experience, that holding onto trauma without being awake to the fact that our inner reality creates our outer reality will hold us in toxic relationships and situations that can ruin our lives. Yet, speaking our truth and communicating what we need to live well, and in a peaceful manner, grants us glorious progress and gifts.

Personally, I’ve lost a lot in the last few years while evolving within.

The friendships I thought would be forever, ended. Men I loved walked away. The community I thought was my family kicked me out, jobs were lost, and my own family members have refused to talk to me. Insecurity and the inability to love builds walls and keeps us separate and divided.

The journey to the heart is uncomfortable, and only by letting go can we attract the kind of love we know we desire and deserve. Attracting the relationships that fully align with who we are, our core values, and make life a peaceful and loving place. Believing in your worth allows you to tap into the power of the heart.

While working through my own emotional chaos, meditating, getting my mentality aligned, and unyoking the darkness in me, I learned valuable things. While I have carried anger and have been quite resistant in the past, I was willing to look at my wounds, my childhood issues, and confront all that “stuff” that kept me from feeling good within.

Our family burdens and love relationships are the hardest to heal because they are the deepest and the closest to our hearts. All people are reflections of us, and they help us grow—if we are willing.

Yet, the psyche will rarely let go. It’s easier to build walls, rather than open the door to new perspectives, and be willing to admit where we sabotage ourselves and act out old toxic family patterns, especially in relationships.

Loving ourselves sounds easy, yet it’s challenging in a world that constantly tells us who to be, how to be, and even harms us for who we are at our core.

Relationships help us mend the wounds of the past, family trauma, and things our soul needs to experience in order to help us through our suffering. This is so we can learn to make better choices, become more independent, and save ourselves through love—rather than thinking someone else, a wedding, or a g-o-d will do it for us.

The 2020 paradigm shift and the Age of Aquarius are changing the game by helping humanity move into a more loving state, yet it requires our participation to make better choices and live in more connected and loving ways, to feel happier and more enlightened in our soul.

We are all in this together and can’t do it alone. Communication and self-awareness can help us work through the past pains to create a better future.

The choices we are making now, and in 2020, are radically affecting our future life path. When life gets sh*tty, lonely, hard, and complicated, consider where you’re forcing and refusing to see a better way and where you’re refusing to change.

Consider if you’re staying with what’s comfortable, living in fear, failing to let go, attaching to romances that you know don’t work long-term—and instead look at whether you actually believe you can have something better in life.

The time is now to be willing to change our ways, shift our mental perceptions, get rid of our shaming attitudes, and believe in the life we can all create and live together.

This 2020 paradigm shift is rocking us all…slowly…and massively. When you meet that person you think you’re destined to be with forever, consider what fantasy and illusion of the mind you may be playing out.

Love is the answer, always. Yet, love is always created within and connected within. We can live in more wholly, loving, peaceful, and emotionally balanced ways. Know that sometimes love finds us to break us, or to overcome old stories and patterns so we can make changes that resonate better with our heart, who we really are, and learn to grow stronger.

Allow yourself to evolve into love. And have the patience and discernment to know it’s worth doing. The choice is ours, in how deep we are willing to love, release fear, and live the life we deeply want, desire, and deserve.

Let love move you to grow, help you feel good within, and love it all in the process—while letting love transform us all for the better.

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