December 7, 2019

The Game-Changing Astrology of 2020: Awakenings, Transformation & Rebirth.

No matter what your sign, the astrology of 2020 will be a game changer.

With combinations in play that haven’t been seen in over three decades, momentous things are on the horizon.

The planetary influences surrounding us are asking us to rebuild what’s broken, make our foundations stronger, and get in touch with our motivations. New initiatives will need to be set and an intensifying, goal-driven attitude is destined to begin to grow.

If you’re looking to take things to an entirely new level, 2020 is your ticket to do it.

That being said, 2020 comes with a series of peaks and valleys. The tests will be great, but the rewards even greater. With Saturn (the planet of reality) making a major collision with Pluto (the planet of destruction and rebirth) on January 12th, 2020, a totally new kind of reality sets in. An old way of life needs to die in order for a new one to replace it. The year ahead is calling for rebirth and, ultimately, is a test to see just how far we can rise up out of the ashes.

“The art of life is not controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us.” ~ Gloria Steinem

As the new decade kicks off, the energy of Capricorn will be strong and precisely what’s necessary to go into the next. With three power players, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, all emphasizing the sign that likes to manifest, we will be ready to crystalize our new vision. Manifesting energy will be strong indeed. 2020 is the year to see it, believe in it, and then go out and make it real. We will see this come to life when Jupiter and Pluto collide three times (April + July + November) and give us the potential to see our manifestations come to life.

Put in the effort sooner rather than later, however. The sign of Capricorn doesn’t believe in magic falling from the sky. This is a sign that makes it create its own destiny.

Big decisions will need to be made as we embark upon rebuilding emotional, familial, social, financial, and spiritual foundations. Things that aren’t working are breaking down, in order to be rebuilt on stronger footing.

With Uranus, the planet of invention, awakenings, and change, now deeper in his travels through earthy Taurus, a new kind of awareness is building. His influence is shaping a reinvention of old systems and blowing new life into ancient beliefs. We’re all looking for a more solid spiritual foundation, including ways of centering and grounding. Ancient modalities such as sound healing, meditation, reiki, crystals, yoga, astrology, and the tarot (just to name a few!) will continue to gain more attention. The beauty of 2020 is that anything old and ancient will have a chance to become new once again.

The sign of Cancer will also continue to be highlighted by two powerful eclipses (January 10th and June 21st). As a result, attention to our emotional well-being will continue to rise.

The human race is having a hard time keeping up with the speed at which things are now going. More and more of our youth are suffering from emotional challenges because of the pace of it all. Among adults, burnout has now become recognized as a medical condition by the World Health Organization. New mindsets will ultimately need to come onto the scene to help us keep up. This is evident with the nodal axis shifting in early June 2020.

The moon’s nodes have been operating in Cancer (North Node = where we are going) and Capricorn (South Node = where we’ve been) since December 2018. In June 2020, it will transition into Gemini and Sagittarius. The North Node will then begin to operate in Gemini, indicating where we need to go next, while the South Node will be in Sagittarius and deliver new truth and awareness into ancient beliefs. Evidence of this shift begins at the end of June 2020 with a powerful full moon eclipse in Gemini. All the thinking energy that comes along with this sign will begin to set the scene.

Finding new ways to “calm the mind” will play a big part in where the path to 2020 leads. I recently met up with the owners (two Gemini and a Virgo) of Qwell Meditation and Wellness in Montclair, New Jersey to talk about mindfulness in connection to the power of Gemini. (For a deeper look into this, check out that episode here.)

Ultimately, it’ll serve all of us well to get to know the sign of Gemini sooner rather than later. Time will soon tell how it will help us get to the next. In good Gemini spirit, I’m sure it’ll keep us guessing for a bit.

The year ahead will also include the usual Mercury Retrograde activity. However, we’ll also have to deal with two karmic retrograde cycles—Venus and Mars. Both Venus and Mars only go retrograde every 18 months or so. The Venus Retrograde period (May 13th to June 25th) will create a whole new dynamic of relationship tension and awareness. It will help us think about our value and worth and ultimately heal heartaches of the past.

Expect a duality and two-sidedness to the story with Venus retrograding through Gemini. Old love has the potential to heal and become new again, while new romance has the chance to bloom. It’s an important, karmic, and emotional 40-day period. However, I do believe some of us will find great love by the end of it.

The Mars Retrograde period (Sept 9th to Nov 13th) will definitely add additional tension to 2020. Mars, the planet of action, doesn’t like to go backward. These periods cause upset, anger, and tension. It’ll be even more pronounced this time around, since Mars will retrograde through Aries—the sign that likes to fight for what it wants. Plan to have an outlet handy to get tensions out.

In looking at where we end up, it looks like the sign that truly delivers us into the next is Aquarius. By the end of 2020, a new collective will begin to rise because of the Aquarius brilliance and innovative energy. In December 2020, both Jupiter and Saturn will be fully operational in Aquarius and collide exact on December 21st. This only happens every 20 years and in itself creates a whole new sense of reality.

As Saturn ends his nearly three-year run through Capricorn and fully immerses into Aquarius, an entirely new cycle of energy is born. Saturn will call Aquarius his home till early 2023 and create a new structure of innovation and grassroots development. It will likely deliver blessings of new technologies and advancement in science.

We won’t have to wait all the way to the end of the year to feel this coming. The planets will be asking us to get out there and begin to get in touch with the Aquarius energy throughout 2020. It’s going to be important to find new communities of like-mindedness and uniqueness. Watch for hints of this from the end of March through early July. This is the period when Saturn will leave Capricorn and “test” the Aquarian waters.

A rollercoaster of planetary energy is certainly in store! It’s time to awaken into a totally new platform and set our eyes into making what we want real. If we want something, we have to be the vehicle to make it happen. Relying on others is not in 2020’s planetary message.

Begin to build a new mindset and vision into rising up into whatever you want your new to be. However it plays out, I guarantee it’ll be vastly different and an improvement on the past. To seal the deal, an optimistic Sagittarius Solar Eclipse helps to close out 2020 with inspiration and hope for the next. At that time, new beliefs will be ready to take root as we get ready to aim our arrows of possibility in totally new directions.

Read on to find out your 2020 Mantra and rise up horoscope for the year ahead. Keep in mind that the same area that goes through a reconstruction gains support beginning in April 2020. I recommend reading for both your Sun and Rising Sign (Ascendant) to add more depth and insight into your planetary message.

Aries: Reinventing Myself in the Public Eye

Aries, there is no doubt you’ve been tested over the last several years in transforming your career, place in the public eye, and perhaps family affairs. There has been a lot of hard work as you’ve forged through uncomfortable territory.

The Saturn-Pluto meet up in January will take you to new places that urge your soul to grow to an entirely new level. This calling may manifest in a career shift, a major directional life turn, or something relating to becoming a parent or getting more in tune with your parents.

A call to rise up, be courageous, and forge into new territory will be strong for your sign. Look for new opportunities, but be honest with what connects to the new you that is beginning to emerge.

Taurus: Awakening My Inner Explorer to New Experiences

Great changes began to surround your sign nearly two years ago, and new kinds of uncomfortable came along for the ride. You’re becoming different in ways that you’re seeing the world and connecting to it. The bigger picture has become important, and it now comes under great review.

The great meetup of Saturn and Pluto in January is going to awaken your core philosophy about who you are and where you’re meant to go. Beliefs of the past are now looking to be reinvented. There is a call for you to rise up into being more of an explorer and seek out new ways of keeping the faith and finding adventure. New lights begin to shine on things relating to higher education, teaching, travel, and spirituality.

Gemini: Revamping My Truth and Connection to Resources

Important truths and awareness will come to the surface in January with the great meetup between Saturn and Pluto. A great push to shed things that no longer fit, like old friendships, habits, and thought patterns will overcome you with great intensity. Anything that you’ve locked away will now want to be let out.

Rise up and transform any darkness you discover by finding something to reduce your stress and strengthen your inner reserve. Do what Gemini does best and find something fun to run away into, even if it’s just for a few hours a week.

This is also a great period to explore talk therapy or working with a coach. Communicate honestly what’s on your mind now—it will help you get a grip on the big picture and see your way through.

An honesty about your resources, those you co-own with someone else or those given to you, will also be looking to surface. Cracks in things that aren’t working will now want to be fixed. Restructuring may be necessary.

Cancer: Asserting Myself in Powerful Ways

Sparks are set to fly as you kick off your 2020. Just two days before the great collision of Saturn and Pluto on January 12th, a Full Moon Eclipse in your sign puts you and your core beliefs front and center. There is a great awakening between your personal identity—and that of your partner. Whether you are attached to someone in a partnership or not, a new assertiveness will be coming over you to stand tall.

Your sign has the potential to soar higher than you’ve ever gone before and discover yourself on an entirely new playing field. I have no doubt that a certain magical quality will surround your energy as you trek your way through.

This kind of magic is not for fairy tales. This is the kind that is fierce and real as it protects your rights and those of loved ones. You’re in the process of creating an honest foundation that honors feelings.

Leo: Remodeling My Core and Surroundings

An important call for healing yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually surrounds you when Saturn and Pluto collide in January. This is a time to be aware of your body, as well as your habits and environment (home and workplace).

This massive explosion of planetary energy is asking you to pay attention to all of your surroundings and implement a new foundation. Your sign has the potential to rise into a totally new playing field—but it comes with a necessity of realignment.

Anything that you have been negligent on may now call upon you for change. It’s also going to be important to be honest about which routines are working and which ones aren’t. Let bad habits go now and be rid of them forever.

Virgo: Breaking Down Barriers of My Personal Expression

The great Saturn-Pluto conjunction, taking place in January, is going to push your mind, body, and soul into taking on new ways of expressing yourself. Prepare to be challenged and go outside your normal boundaries of what’s comfortable and what’s not. The planets are asking you to be courageous, rise up into new experiences, and expand your horizons wider than they’ve ever gone.

Themes pertaining to children, yours or someone else’s, also have the potential to burst onto the scene come the new year. Extra responsibilities may come along for the ride. Use creativity, or some sort of fun, expressive outlet, to see your way through.

It’s time to re-create the foundation of your creative life. The universe wants you to find new outlets to share your unique talents, brilliance, and gifts with others.

Libra: Renewing My Beliefs to Family and Home

I have no doubt, Libra, that you have already begun the process of rising up because of the challenges that have surrounded your sign. There have been a lot of uncomfortable moments that you have tried to see your way through with as much grace as possible. You’ve become different over the past year, in particular, and now in January a new push surrounds you to connect to your roots and family.

Questions surrounding your home and where you live are going to surface—if they haven’t already. There may be some important rebuilding or restructuring that needs to go on in your family life. For whatever reason, the universe is asking you to create a fresh and new familial environment. A renovation of family dynamics, home, or living arrangements is now necessary.

Scorpio: Reclaiming the Power of My Voice

There has been a lot of work over the past year in finding new ways to communicate. You’ve been challenged to take responsibility with your words and intense thoughts. This has affected both your inner world, as well as the external one. The universe has been encouraging you to become more effective and find new meaning in how you get your point across. Potential now surrounds you to be powerful, thought-provoking, and passionate with your words. This is a rare and real moment to revamp your fierce communication strategy.

When the great Saturn-Pluto Conjunction takes place in January, your communications will be challenged to go to the next level. Your voice will matter. The more you use it, the stronger you will get. All of the work you’ve done in the past will now be put to the test.

Go into the new year strong and with a clear mind. Clear your blockages. Keep your thoughts positive and free of doubt. This will be a time that’s necessary for you to be courageous with your words.

Sagittarius: Revolutionizing My Value and Worth

Resources are going to be an important topic as you head into 2020. A new life mission of some nature is calling, and it will take focus and determination to make it work. You’re going to be moving mountains in becoming more resourceful than ever. Along with the desire to accomplish big things comes pressure.

The great Saturn-Pluto conjunction taking place in January will create fireworks and intensity in your house of values, worth, and resources. The shock and awe of these power players will be pressing your sign to get in touch with a new truth. Discoveries are looking to be made surrounding your worth.

Be honest about your value, Sagittarius, because you are a diamond that shines with many facets. But the diamonds are within you—not something you need to wear externally.

Capricorn: Owning My Power Authentically

Ready or not, all eyes are on you, Capricorn, as we emerge into one of the most game-changing years. The stakes will be high, as well as the pressure. Significant, life-changing events are likely. Your sign will be called upon to rise up and out of the ashes more than anyone else.

Visualize what you want and be ready to push up your sleeves and go after it. With an overabundance of Capricorn energy in the skies nearly all year, opportunities for getting to know yourself on an entirely new level will be presented. Authenticity is key. It’s time for you to begin manifesting into a totally new existence.

When Saturn and Pluto collide in January, a total restructuring of how you connect to your core will ignite. Your soul is looking for a new way to shine its light and deliver a new facet into who you truly are. Be honest with yourself as you see your way through. Old karmic contracts are looking to be broken and new ones will be sealed. The wheels of fate are spinning in your direction like never before.

Aquarius: Getting Reacquainted with My Soul’s Purpose

As we head into 2020, your inner self is going through a totally new renewal process. With so much emphasis on the hidden house in your astrology, things that will happen to you will be private. You will find new ways to feed your soul. Your spiritual life has great potential to thrive. This is a time to get in touch with areas of your life that are holding you back. Cleanse negative patterns of thinking or rooted systems that have outstayed their welcome in your mind.

When Saturn and Pluto collide in January, new truths and clarity about where you want to go next have the potential to surface. You may not share those openly with the world, as this is a private year for you. Honor the messages that will surface and be open as well as honest to where you want to go next.

Pisces: Finding New Meaning Within My Collective Crew

A call to rise up in your place within groups and the collective is now calling you, Pisces. This will be most significant when Saturn and Pluto create a massive explosion of energy in your astrology in January. Shifts with friends, groups you belong to, and your community will likely begin presenting themselves. New desires to work within political or social causes have the potential to take hold. All of the planetary influences will be supporting you, but particularly with your abilities to work within group settings.

In particular, keep your eye on creative projects, ones of self-expression and those pertaining to children or young adults. Your ability to look at the big picture will be strong and will have more clarity about some of your biggest life goals.

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