December 25, 2019

This Christmas, I’m Mad as Hell.

This Christmas, for the first time, I’m angry. I’m really angry. I’m despondent. I’m depressed.

I just read this deliciously long article, and it’s shocking and shocking and shocking, and it’s not even slanted reporting—it’s really just skimming over most of the details.

But, I’m not hopeless. I’m not giving up. I’m ready to fight.

We’re in the midst of the 6th extinction. We’re seeing the middle class (let alone the poor, let alone the homeless, let alone indigenous peoples everywhere, let alone minority rights, or immigrant rights) run over by billionaires, like the effing Murdochs, who directly push Nationalism and Climate Change-denial.

You know all this, as do I—but when we feel it, as I do now, it’s time to act.

Elephant is not just a blog. We’re a community of millions of readers a month. It’s time to ask and encourage you to get even more involved–reading, sharing, writing, subscribing—any action you ever take on Elephant, anything, helps the real Rebels have a fighting chance against the real Death Star, which is consumption and corruption and greed gone mad.

Let’s grow this little indie mission-driven hope that is this mindful community—not for me, not for you, but for all of us. Let’s create a peaceful, loving revolution, and douse the flames of hate and blame and fear. We can do this.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube–they’re no better than the effing Murdochs. They’re a fount of fake news and quarterly profitivism above all else.

We can’t boycott Amazon, Google, Youtube, etc…they’re just too big. But we can use them as little as possible, and only to support that which is important. Shop local and used, first. Shop less, first.

But I’ve been saying a lot of this for a long time–we were zero-waste before it was cool–and it’s just getting worse, though there’s many inspiring organizations and individuals pushing vital, healing work in every field.

So it’s time we come together—all of us who feel isolated, overwhelmed—we’re each a piece of the puzzle, and in serving this earth and basic goodness we’ll enjoy our lives more thoroughly, besides. Use Elephant. It’s here for you. If you find something else useful, use that. But let’s come together, urgently, and take action. Because if we’re silent, if we give up, if we give in to cynicism or selfishness, we’re just hastening the destruction of so much we ought to hold dear.

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Read 8 comments and reply

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