January 2, 2020

5 Types of People to Surround Ourselves with in 2020.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


This famous African proverb is completely accurate.

Although it is important to spend time alone and be comfortable with ourselves, there is no doubt that together we are stronger.

That, however, doesn’t mean we have to hang about with just anyone for the sake of being around people. We have to be careful of our company. The reason is that we are the direct reflection of the five people who we spend the most time with. Knowing this, it is in our best interest to start being mindful of the company that we keep.

We are all balls of energy and we pick up vibes from the energy of those around us. The wrong people can affect our energy levels, making us feel unhappy, unsettled, anxious, upset, angry, annoyed, irritated, or frustrated. We have all been in that situation where we are feeling okay, and our day is going pretty well—and then we cross paths with the wrong person, leaving us feeling deflated, low, or unsettled for the rest of the day. This change in mood can affect our focus, concentration, productivity, and efficiency.

For this year, if we want to be happy, successful, productive, and motivated to achieve our goals, then we have to surround ourselves with the right people. The right company for us consists of five types of people, those who I like to say form our “dream team” for the new year and the years to come.

  1. Inspired

The inspired person brings fresh thinking, new ideas, creativity, and energy into our lives. This person doesn’t often get bored and can lift us up when we are feeling down, deflated, or depressed. Just by being around this person, we want to be a better version of ourselves. Their enthusiasm and zest for life will inject us with energy and desire to do better.

  1. Motivated

The motivated person is driven, determined, and dedicated. They have a “get up and go” attitude. This type of a person will give us the energy to pick ourselves up, even when we think we can’t continue or carry on. They will give us hope, purpose, and direction when we feel all is lost.

  1. Open-minded

The open-minded person is accepting, nonjudgmental, and will offer us companionship, friendship, or a relationship unconditionally. They won’t judge us and when in their company, through this unconditional acceptance, we’ll feel good enough just as we are. Consequently, this gives us the security we need to push past our own comfort zone.

  1. Passionate

The passionate person is warm, compassionate, kind, caring, empathetic, and emotionally charged. These people think with their hearts and can help us connect with ourselves emotionally. They help us discover our heart’s desires and focus on what we really want rather than doing what we think we should be doing. These people help us realise that the little voice inside us needs to be heard, and when we do that, we get permission to follow our heart, take a risk, and live a life that we want.

  1. Grateful

The grateful person brings our attention to everything we have to be grateful for in our lives. This person is appreciative, thankful, happy, content, and in the moment. This, in turn, makes us become mindful of our present moment and be thankful for everything that we have in our lives, no matter how big or small we may think it is. The grateful person forces us to live a life that is full of mindfulness rather that living in the past or predicting future life events.

These are the five types of people that you need to be around to start living a life that is complete, whole, and content.

Just like a company needs a board of directors to help steer, guide, and lead it, we all need a dream team to stay on the right track in life—one that leads us to happiness.


To find out more about “Building Your Dream Team,” you can watch my video on my Facebook page.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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