January 6, 2020

Cancer Full Moon Eclipse: Stepping forward into Growth, Love & Healing. (January 10)

Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety” ~Abraham Maslow


The Cancer full moon eclipse takes place on January 10, 2020. It’s been an intense time since the Christmas new moon eclipse, which put into motion a lot of karmic endings and new beginnings.

While eclipses do have the power to “eclipse” something out of your life, often it is an internal awareness that changes. Even the unconscious things are witness to the cause and effect of what we do and what we choose.

Yet, we are always choosing in life, so consider what showed up and whether resistance is holding you back from making a positive change.

We can become mindful in this new year of 2020 and realize what the past decade and year was teaching us. Because this eclipse cycle has been bringing back the past, showing us the old patterns, and awakening us to make new changes, it’s our choice whether we hold onto attachments, live in the same ways, or whether we move forward and leave the past behind by understanding the lessons and things we need to learn.

For me, the past decade was about learning self-worth, speaking up for what I believe in, and most of all, embodying a greater sense of self—while having the courage to let go of people, jobs, and things that don’t serve me or fulfill me. This required attaining emotional depth, getting real with myself, and conquering my fear when other people projected their issues and showed up in unloving ways. 

True security is when you can live a life independently, support yourself, know who you are, and be in mental and emotional balance, while needing nothing to satisfy you.

In this new year, we are still uncovering what filters need to be cleansed in our mind, what emotional attachments we hold, and where we are falling into loveless patterns. The past haunts us and we stay connected to what’s comfortable. That is, unless we are willing to take our guard down, look at our defenses, and see where we are blocking ourselves from having a good life, loving relationships, and feeling really good within.

Ayurveda teaches us that winter is the time to relax and restore balance internally. This full moon is the perfect time to rest, nurture, and tend to your own inner needs. We create more harmony when we are able to develop emotional intelligence, and get out of the mind and away from our control issues about how we think life needs to be.

Learning to embody a more feminine approach to life by feeling into the body, allowing emotions to move, developing self-worth, and taking care of ourselves—without spiritual bypassing and projecting our stuff onto others—is how we internally heal and also grow more intuitive and stronger within ourselves.

Understanding our individual cycles, astrology, and soul help us live in more aligned and loving ways.

We all have to look at the reality we create, where we are still holding on to the past, not forgiving, not moving forward, and harming ourselves through our own loveless actions. Uncovering our roots, family dynamics, upbringing, and how all of that effects our relationships, can help us make better choices, and have the ability to change.

The relationships we attach ourselves to, whether they are romantic or not, are our biggest influences. The environment we live and work in often causes us to think and act in certain ways. It’s imperative now that we all look at our own long-term life vision and realize where we have abandoned ourselves, given up our heart’s desires, and settled for things and people we know are not actually loving or long-term.

More so, we can reflect on the past, and how it has created the present, what relationships we ruined, and what mistakes we made when we failed to develop a mental and emotional balance and the ability to shift our mind and heart, to live in more enlightened and loving ways.

This moon brings up family, security, roots, childhood, and the home. You’ll need to check your astrology chart for how it is influencing you personally. This cosmic purge of the new year is helping us let go. Watch out for issues like sleeping, stomach problems, sicknesses, hormonal problems, and emotional releases. Too much water and Cancer energy can also create overeating, overdrinking, and escapism—when we ignore our issues and don’t want to feel what’s really happening within.

They say home is where the heart is. Yet, to find the heart and grow within the heart, it requires the surrendering and opening of the mind, and the ability to shift our ways and beliefs to create love within and without, through values, actions, words, and deeds.

It’s a good time to reflect on the past, the pains, the problems, and where we have fallen out of love. Perhaps we need to voice an apology or mend a severed bond or walk away from toxic karmic ties.

Cancer is the crab, a sign that cares a bunch about people, family, home, and relationships. Yet, their challenge is to become emotionally secure, drop into their body, and really develop the inner safety and love to live well in the world, as themselves, while not over-caring for other people or falling for those who don’t have the same loving values.

Our nation and everyone on the planet needs to form more emotional congruence and realize where we have fallen out of balance, abandoned ourselves, and fallen into codependent ways in order to satisfy our egos or what we think love is.

Everything in life is connected and everything is a relationship. Yet, we are able to choose what we cling to or chase. This full moon is helping us shift our ways, release past pains, and grow into more mature, sane, and loving individuals. We can do the work to create inner harmony, resist less, and let the universe help life flow in more magical and easier fashions.

What you think, attach to, and do is what creates your life and future. 

What we are choosing now will impact our possibilities. Be sure to restore your sense of self and get clear on what really fills you up, brings you joy, and makes you feel empowered and emotionally great within. Do what you need to resolve the other mental and emotional fears, and anything causing ailment and preventing the heart from expanding in bigger ways.

The feminine lunar energies and water teach us that rigid thinking and getting trapped in the mind or body, or our idea of how life needs to be, causes suffering. Those masculine control dynamics that we all have been taught, keep us from our intuition, our soul, and the real feminine security in the heart. 

In 2020, it’s time to nurture the feminine, accept the masculine, and work together to create the unity and balance through integrating our shadows and becoming loving human beings. 

This means bridging the gaps of fear and forming connections and relationships on an individual, business, family, and collective level, fostering the values that align in loving ways.

Don’t stay stuck in the past. Be a witness to the problems and the lessons 2019 taught you. It’s coming up for all of us to see, accept, and move on from. Consider who you are now, what kind of life you want, and be willing to create it.

Let the Cancer full moon cleanse you of the old, give you a restart, help you see what blinders you hold, and what’s keeping you from the kind of love and life you desire. 

Trust yourself, but be willing to get others’ perceptions and connect to people in new ways.

Become more real, less insecure. Heal your body with yoga and meditation, and feel into every emotion and experience life has taught you. Consider how you can be kinder and more loving, first to you, and then with other people. 

Then use this moon to honor yourself, relax, trust your own process, and move into the new year with a bigger intention to live more from the heart—less from the mind and fear. Allowing and opening to the possibilities that can show up, and do show up, when you choose to shift your beliefs, change your ways, and do something new to create a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Balance and love are created from within, through the body and mind, and the mental and emotional connection that helps us create peace, harmony, and well-being. 

Use this time to do you, choose you, love you, and unload the old, for a better new beginning in 2020.


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