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January 23, 2020

Loving an Individual

In the darkness I may find you, my loving faithful friend, into this day we go, my heart it does mend….for seeing your smile, it brings me joy I cannot describe.

I see it gently as I look into your eyes. The burning passion, the glow of fire, my heart is beating, my one desire.

My object of affection, my need for your attention. My lips as I lick them, staring at you.

I’ve drown myself again in dew. The dew of the morning, either in the summer, or within the snowflakes beyond the fall.

With proper communication we could have it all.

My wish to sooth you, almost as strong to bring you pain, to watch you die from within, and be whole again…

Your passion like no other, leaves me giddy like a school girl. Your love and touch leaves me standing tall and strong.

I’ve never felt like one night was so long…

Daydreams of you, and at night too, a loss for words at times, what do I do?

I send my love to you…on the wind like a dove to you…my messages of love.

My sighs of devastation. My sense of deprivation..

My longing for your touch when longing is not enough. I sit here in the waking hours, as the sun begins to send it’s showers.

I lay in the dark, almost the early light, I wait for you, my heart in flight.

I write these words only for you, there’s nothing like what you and I do.

Nothing like our physical touch, nothing like being in your clutch.

Sighs of relief when we lay together, bodies intertwined…minds safe from harm…You are my comfort and my alarm..

I love you and words are not enough. My darkest pleasure, my softest touch.

So gentle, so serene, so angelic, so fresh and clean.

I have never seen such a smile beam, not the way yours has since you returned, for you my being clearly yearned.

My heart strings pulled tight, emotions out of sight.

The strings unravel…we’ve hit gravel.

My lover. My friend. An individual. You make the unseen visible…

You transfer touch like magic or a magnet.

If you want my heart, you can gladly have it.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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