January 19, 2020

New Moon in Aquarius: A Time for Radical Change & Wild, Unexpected Magic. {January 24th}

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“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” ~ T.S. Eliot


There’s a wild and unexpected spark of magic in the air on Friday, January 24th with the new moon in Aquarius.

Expect nothing, and be open to everything.

The Aquarian energy forces radical change, and its ruling planet, Uranus, can come in like a strike of lighting to destroy and recreate anything and everything that is holding you back from your personal mission and the highest virtues within your heart.

With the extra force of winter and all the change the new year brings, this moon is pushing us forward and clearing old ways. Yet, to be able to tap into the magic, we must become self-aware, mindful of what’s happening internally and externally, and consider the unconscious patterns and beliefs that may be illuminated at this time, so we can live better.

It’s 2020 now, and our world is changing, whether we like it or want it to. We all are now being pushed to be more accountable, realistic in our thinking, and to ditch the old ways the majority have been taught. We can’t hide anymore, and those being deceitful, dishonest, and denying their actions will get called out. 

As a nation, we will not become balanced or be able to live peacefully with one another, and sustain ourselves, unless we all commit to making changes and begin to see people and life in new perspectives.

It is the Aquarian who is able to evolve into the highest mindset, who can awaken humanity and help teach them how to transform and live life, understanding the interconnectivity of the Universe, and hold better values, so that we can consciously get along and live well with one another.

Yet, in order to live from the higher mind and truly be a source of inspiration, we all have challenges. With that growth, every soul at some point must learn how to humble the ego, silence the mental chatter, and live less out of emotions and our own stingy desires, and live more from an altruistic and honest place of the heart. 

The new moon phase is a new beginning and a tremendous cycle that can help people move into their purpose and create shifts that force us to let go of the old, so that we can in fact create something better.

Liberation is the key if we truly yearn to live in a content, fulfilled, and prosperous fashion. Letting go requires the shift of the mind, the mental change, confronting the emotional charge, and releasing old conceptions and ideas, to live more present and peaceful in the now.

Individually and collectively, we must be willing to adopt a fresh perspective and be able to create equality through right action, words, and deeds. Until we transcend our competitive nature, release the idea that we can get whatever we want out of life, and free ourselves of the deep attachments we hold, we will still be clinging, and often hold onto internal fear.

Saturn, the karmic hard teacher of the zodiac, has been doing his due diligence with the eclipses and new year and showing us all where we need to make changes. The question is now, what have you learned? What have you lost? What have you gained? Did you make the change needed so you can live more at ease, with honesty, with clarity, and with more security and love for who you are?

Aquarius is the unique star sign that teaches us to become individuals. Yet to get to that authentic place in ourselves, it requires work, and often we lose people and things in order to force ourselves to grow and mature into the better version of who we can be.

We can all light ourselves up, take responsibility for our actions, and become mindful of how we show up, treat others, and especially what we choose for ourselves. In this time, connecting with like-minded people and honoring good friendships and souls is necessary to have people to communicate and connect with.

This time is a period of deep reflection and a time to get real honest with yourself about your future goals, your bigger dreams, and the life you’re living. There is opportunity to evolve, yet to change anything, it requires our focus, discernment, and ability to leave the things that are no longer good for us, while knowing who we are and what is really going to be long-lasting and forever.

Balance is required with a neutral, steady mindset. Understand the Universe supports us when we choose to support ourselves, and most of all be ourselves. While the conditioning of our past, external forces, our environment, and our insecurities will always keep us holding, beginning to confront where we lack, hold no boundaries, and give up our opportunity to live in new ways is what helps to spark a new awareness so we can realize how we need to change to transform.

As we transcend the mindset of living only for ourselves, only to gain, and only to have, we can shift into a more humanitarian mode and think in terms of the bigger picture and actually be willing to be the change the world needs. 

Unity consciousness is developing the mental and emotional and physical maturing to shift from “me” to “we.” We can’t do it alone; we need each other to help, to heal, and to survive.

We can play the victim game all day long, attach to those toxic relationships, give too much, and wonder when we may get what we actually deeply desire. Abandoning ourselves creates guilt, shame, and all sorts of loveless patterns. Feeling into our inner wants and creating consciousness around our actions and what is driving our behavior is how we change our lives and create better perspectives to then take action to uphold our own individual values.

If we’re looking for love, we must become the vessel and be willing to shine in our own unique and weird ways. We all have talents, strengths, weaknesses, and issues, yet softening into the depth of the heart creates compassion and helps us all live more humanely together. This is the real struggle and opposition we all are facing.

The gift Aquarius ushers in is the ability to see the future, transcend the past, and help us all create innovative solutions so that life can be a bit more fun and magical, and we can live more spontaneously with our own solitude and security, and ultimately feel more free and alive inside.

The Universe is abundant, yet it works with magical forces and requires our participation and drive to create, to develop, to overcome the old, and to live better in the now, and truly shift to feel good within.

Celebrate this new moon with a ritual and setting intentions, and dare to break free of whatever is blocking and inhibiting your from designing a life you can enjoy and living open with love and lovingly with one another.

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