January 1, 2020

Say “Goodbye” to Last Year & Who you Were—Write a New Version of Yourself.

No more playing it safe.

No more playing small. No more trying hard or struggling to survive, just trusting and letting life flow instead of doing the inner work necessary to move to new levels of awareness and existence.

No more cheap trades and sh*tty jobs.

No more hiding from self—the core of who you are, shadow and light together—and honoring all parts of you as equally important.

No more trying to keep it together when things or people leave you, or when you decide to leave.

No more wasting time and energy on things and people that don’t add value and inspiration in your life. Life is too short to waste it on things, activities, and with people that don’t enhance your existence. 

No more self-doubt. Plant new seeds of trusting yourself, and water them every day with time alone, journaling, little meditations if you will, or in other ways that make those seeds blossom to the full potential of your being.

Question your old beliefs, yes, but create new realities for yourself where magic is possible. Put your head in the clouds if you wish, but believe in magic. Let it be a messy magic, a breathtaking magic, a colorful magic, or a melancholic kind of magic. Just create it with the ways your heart beats every day and night.

Dream and create with focused intention while working on your transformation. Take the time to create the feeling of it and how it feels to you in your imagination. Dream and create with focused intention your dream job or work. Think of your biggest childhood dreams.

Go back to that child you once were. You will find so many of your answers in that little girl or boy you used to be. You may rediscover your passion for life and existing by following those “silly dreams.” Imagine yourself inside of them. Get out there and give life to your childhood dreams, even if they are the opposite of what you are doing for a living today.

Say “Goodbye” to last year and who you were. Sit down and write a new version and character of yourself.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to be? What characteristics does that new you have? Build them up and embody them in your day-to-day life with little actions toward doing things you have never done before.

Slowly come out of your box or comfort zone.

Let the passion in your veins decide what you will become or be. Allow the fire in your heart to lead the way. Trust that you imagine the visions that you do because they are part of your soul’s blueprint. Trust that they are a part of who you truly are behind your masks and social conditioning.

Today I “jumped” off the cliff so to speak. I bought a flight having little money in my bank. I bought a plane ticket to where I have never been and I never thought I would go, at least not this soon. I bought a one-way plane ticket going far away from where I live right now, having but a small backpack and lots of dreams locked in my head. Not only dreams but new and different ways of being and existing in the world, ways that are more natural to me that have nothing to do with who I was last year, or who my family and others know me to be.

This is my existence and I have decided to make it so f*cking magical that those whose eyes will meet my own will see stars sparkling out of my soul. Because deep down, I have always known that dreams are possible if we take the first step. If we take the road that was never traveled before (f*ck the one less traveled). This is a new road that only I—that only you—can walk by creating it to have a life that feels good to your core. And I’m not saying it’s gonna be all sparkling stars, but it will shift your inner and outer reality completely.

It’s time we come home to we who are deep down. Behind the masks, behind the fears and the shame and other people’s opinions. It’s time to embrace a colorful life that makes sense to us even when it does not make sense to others.

This decade I want to be me completely. This new decade I decide to trust myself—my being—completely, without any feeling of doubt in who I am or what is possible. Because I decide and intend to create the life and lifestyle of my dreams.

So now, it’s your turn. 

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Read 4 comments and reply

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