January 19, 2020

Prenatal Yoga: Why all Mamas-To-Be should Do It.

“The yoga baby inside the mother’s belly is better able to develop harmoniously, enjoying the mother’s reinforcement of balance, serenity, energy, thought, and positive emotions.” ~ Susana Lopes


In the last decades, the discoveries about the complexity of the life of a baby still in the womb are amazing, with such a short time of existence but already with such awareness and sensitivity.

These investigations also confirm the influence that physical, emotional, mental, and energetic environments have on the mother, and how they can make a difference in the way both will live their lives during pregnancy and labor, and their predisposition to life after birth.

At conception, the mother’s and father’s genetic DNA programs are transmitted to their baby’s cells. But science reveals that during pregnancy these programs can be activated or not, or even modified, according to the quality of the mother’s emotions and reactions, as well as the quality of the environment that surrounds her. When a woman is pregnant, her experiences become information that her baby organizes for her own physical and mental development, and this information is recorded in each of her cells. The womb thus becomes your baby’s first school.

We now understand that a mother’s responsibility goes far beyond the physical bond (what she should eat, drink, not smoke) and extends to the quality of what her mind experiences, her thoughts, her emotions, and her own view of the outside world.

Mothers who experience feelings of anxiety, stress, frustration, and depression during pregnancy have a greater tendency to lack connection and bond with their baby, influencing intrauterine life, baby development, and even labor and postpartum.

This is why it is so important for the mother to be well-informed, learn the means, and have the tools to harmonize her feelings and thoughts for the best start of her baby’s life.

Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga is one of the oldest and most effective practices available for improving human health, awareness, and connection. There are numerous benefits to practicing yoga during pregnancy.

Benefits of Yoga Practice During Pregnancy

>> Helps to more easily overcome the physical, energy, hormonal, and emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy.

>> Boosts the mother’s elasticity and muscle strength now that she will have to carry more weight with her growing baby.

>> Serves as an antidote to stress, sadness, and irritation, calming the nervous system closely linked to your baby’s survival through meditation, positive mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation exercises, helping the mother to return to calm and tranquility during and after her yoga practice.

>> Acts on the organs, tissues, and glands, as well as the blood, lymphatic, and immune circulatory system, toning them and optimizing their functions, bearing in mind that during pregnancy the woman has more blood to purify, and these her organs are being pressured by the lack of space and extra activity.

>> Helps the future mother to live her pregnancy happier and more confident by increasing her sensitivity and internal dialogue with her baby.

>> Helps with postpartum emotional and physical recovery and continued bonding with her baby.

Although a yoga practice cannot guarantee a natural and rapid delivery, the pregnant woman who practices yoga is more likely to be body aware, can enjoy her breathing exercise training almost automatically, and relaxes easily and quickly during labor. The pregnant woman also develops a positive emotional state and intuition, enjoying each moment of her pregnancy in a more lucid, healthy, and happy way.

What to Expect from a Prenatal Yoga Class

There are different styles of yoga, and the mother should be careful to avoid strenuous yoga practices, even if this is not the first time she practices yoga.

Breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques for mother and baby are trained in a prenatal yoga class. Yoga positions are done, but they should be adapted for the different stages of pregnancy. Moments of happiness, love, and tranquility will soothe the usual daily agitation of the mind and increase focus and awareness of the mother on her body and her baby. The mother feels an inner transformation, and the communication and internal bonding with her baby should also be stimulated.

At the end of each class, the pregnant woman should feel refreshed; relaxed; and more connected with herself, her body, and her baby, with an overall sense of well-being.

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