February 20, 2020

A Reminder for the Days when you’re not sure those Heavy Feelings Will Pass.


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It seems like there’s always something.

Lately, the biggest thing on my mind is how in the world to grow my business as a young entrepreneur. How can I use my gifts to best serve our world? And how can I make enough money doing it to escape the financial worries that my small town is plagued with?

I was on my daily walk, headphones in, full library shuffle (I was feeling bold) when a song came on: “I Don’t Think About You” by Kelly Clarkson. This song was my anthem when I was very much still thinking about him, praying for the day these words would ring true. It felt like the skies opened up (they didn’t, it was dark out). It was one of those moments where the movie character jumps up and fist bumps the sky—I had officially moved on. So moved on that it took a song to remind me that “you used to bother me.”

Then I got to thinking: there’s a lot of things that used to bother me that I haven’t thought about in months or even years! As I started to recall some things that used to weigh over me like a black cloud, I realized that today’s stresses will one day be the same thing.

One day, I’ll have to reread that article I wrote to remember the times I would lose sleep over these early entrepreneurship woes.

So, no matter what it is that’s weighing heavy on you today, here’s your friendly reminder that:

You used to be so worried about that grade on that Bio test and feared you’d be rejected from college—you weren’t.

You used to think that boy in high school absolutely had to be your forever—he wasn’t.

You thought you would never love again after that first love who was supposed to be “the one“—you did.

You thought your world was going to come crashing down when you decided you no longer wanted to be a doctor like you and your parents planned—it didn’t.


You feel like that thing that’s weighing so heavy on you now will never go away—it will.

I call this the ultimate irony—the greatest truth that you can’t believe until it’s over: It. Will. Pass.

Sometimes there’s action to take. Sometimes you need a glass of wine and a hug from a friend. Sometimes you need to dust your boots off and get back in the game. Sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes you just have to sit, be, and trust that it will pass.

We are always looking for the life hack, the biohack, the quick-out, or the magic pill. Funny thing is, we have those for a lot of things. But the ways to quieting the fearful mind are not so simple.

So when you feel like the weight of the debt, the breakup, the career decision, or that fight you had with your mom is too heavy to hold and too big to ever go away, remember that it has before.

An Exercise:

Make a list of all of the things you thought were a big deal at the time. Dig back in the archives.

You got cut from varsity, you were rejected your crush, you had a blowout fight with your best friend, that person you thought you’d never get over—they all passed.

Handwrite this list, fill it with as many things as you can, refer back to it whenever you feel hopeless, and as you read it, you’ll begin to believe: this will pass.


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