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February 26, 2020

Being one


From the point of being a soul light

Til the time we enter this world in human flight

We are all one with loving awareness we all interact and be together 

We have acceptance, no judgements, no form, no name 

We are the one voice and love of divine existence 

We do not blame 

We choose to return in many forms.

Why then do we forget our souls are still the same and deeply intact 

Why do chasms and fear then creep in and stop our interactions creating imbalance in ourselves?

Why when underneath it all, we are the same souls before we began 

Why then do cultures and religious beliefs, Sexuality skin tone, and location of life matter 

What is the problem that caused this fractured state 

When we drank from the fountain of forgetting 

Did we indeed forget our love and grace 

This is a question I ponder and ask

Why then if we are all one and grace 

What if we remember that our souls are all the same 

What would happen if we could remember from that place 

Would we still judge in harmful, hurtful ways?

Would we consciously be the person that creates pain?

Would we allow ourselves to be shamed and feel shame?

How can we awaken and be aware of every soul’s true light?

By becoming aware of love and souls essence in all life 

By being in the moment the now in time 

By being open to our one soul as divine 

Awareness is a powerful thing 

When we wound with words, actions or stay in denial 

We hide our soul 

Yet our soul knows itself in every being

Our soul reaches out to be connected and seen 

If this is allowed to become part of your being 

You will know in truth 

There is no separation 

That no matter the form we have chosen this life

We are the divine one soul we long to seek out and not hide

We long to be reconnected through our oneness soul 

We are after all one being, one soul 

What we send out will always return 

Be the expression that you wish to see returned. 

No matter our appearance we all truly are 

One divine being

One Soul 

One Creator of all.




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