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February 19, 2020

How Science has proven we can change our programming


From the day we are conceived possibly earlier we are being programmed through our parent’s beliefs, what they are and were feeling before you were even conceived is written into our beliefs. The mood, the emotions, the joy, the doubts, the fears even the pain all of it, we are downloaded with from the day we begin to grow in the womb.

We are like a sponge absorbing it all and as we grow in the womb we are still picking up the energetic patterns and emotions from all the external things our mother experiences.

When we are born this programming becomes what we learn for the first 7 years as we learn to walk talk eat play, we are learning like little computers taking it all in. This is when our beliefs begin to run subconsciously.

Things we had been told like you don’t deserve that when you tried to take a bar of chocolate from the shelf in the shop, you can’t have that it not for you it’s only for good kids.

The way other people interacted around you, angry, emotional, joyful, sad.

This is all programming!

Dr. Bruce Lipton the leading scientist and researcher in this area, says we can change this and it’s easy it’s no different to the programs that were installed in us as children.

After doing some research on this and for my trainee studies as an Intuitive Intelligence guide, I can see how with the beliefs we have installed in us like computer programs that we can change our beliefs, raise our energy vibration, delete and replace old programming and that’s big. It means we have the ability through many new modalities of healing to create a change rapidly and to be able to change the state of our physical body if we truly believe.

The things that we do daily as a practice, that raise our vibration are the things that will change our patterns.

Eft (emotional Freedom Technique) Heart Coherence ( Heart Math Institute), Micro method (Institute for Intuitive Intelligence ) extended breath,  Theta Meditation, awareness, and practice, staying in the present moment and repetition will change this

I have had the privilege of witnessing this first hand through a series of EFT sessions with a practitioner and each session my beliefs changed and have stayed changed.

No longer do we have to carry habits and beliefs that were programmed into us and it’s exciting! because in the area of awareness and awakening consciousness this means we can consciously begin parenting our children from the moment we think about having a child, we can positively program them into self-esteem, positive actions, and self-awareness which will ultimately guide ourselves into the same positive beliefs and impact our future generations by creating happier healthy positive beings that won’t rely on medication, sugar, overindulgence of food or substances to numb them but if they do they will know it is their choice.

As I studied this I began to see a bigger impact with this that by raising our own vibration we are also raising that of the collective consciousness because when we are young and being programmed by our parents we are also being programmed by the media, advertising, cultural beliefs, and our extended family, Yes the primary carers are the biggest imprint but in today’s electronic world we are impacted from the beginning by Tv, Video games, phones, computers, etc’ this is a new world that our older generations weren’t impacted by as much, this means we have many more areas of beliefs to deal with.

With this awareness and the courage to begin to really look at what we believe and be willing to say no I’m not going to be that way anymore, I am successful, I have a long-lasting relationship, I am worthy, I do deserve things. We change our vibration we raise our consciousness, we begin to free ourselves from all the limiting beliefs and we become the person we know we truly are.

We change our inner world and that changes our outer world. Gregg Braden calls it healing our beliefs.

Are you ready to dive into your beliefs, see them honestly and truthfully, to rewrite the program that has been written in you the ones in the beginning but also the ones you have replayed in your subconscious and rewritten yourself throughout your life?

that’s exactly what I’m doing I’m no longer willing to sit in the beliefs that I’m aware of that don’t serve me. If this piques your interest or you feel something that says yes then I urge you to begin looking at what practices you can begin that will raise your vibration and change your world


You can find out more about the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence micro method

Dr. Bruce Liptons resources

Eft and theta meditation from the internet or local practitioners.

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