February 3, 2020

How 10 Minutes of Meditation can add Oodles of Mindfulness to our Lives.

Have you ever heard the term mindfulness?

If your answer is no, then let’s dig into its meaning and how it can help us to achieve our life goals.

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware of your thoughts, either “positive” or “negative,” and then responding accordingly to that awareness. There are many health benefits of applying this mindfulness practice to our everyday routine. Research shows that this practice can have a lasting effect on the way we perceive our problems and how we deal with them. This will result in more balanced emotional responses and a decrease in depression.

There are some other benefits to this sort of practice. It helps us focus on being present, teaches us to breathe properly, and ultimately helps us to achieve our life’s goals.

If you can take just 10 minutes out of your busy day, you can begin your journey to mindfulness and an increased sense of happiness and self-worth.

Take a look at these simple steps to practice mindfulness with the help of meditation:

Step 1: Make Time

I know you must be busy, but you have to commit at least 10 minutes from your schedule every day, and it’s advisable that those 10 minutes are at the same time every day. It can be during the day, late evening, or before going to bed—whatever is convenient for you. Trust me, if you reserve 10 minutes for yourself every day, you will feel more productive and positive.

Step 2: Find Your Place

Choose a clean, quiet, and airy space to sit with yourself. Put your phone on silent mode or turn it off completely. The importance of a meditation place is as important as the practice itself. I also advise you to sit daily in the same place. The logic is that when you sit to meditate daily in the same place, the routine and familiar surroundings help you relax and stay focused.

Step 3: Get Comfortable

Sit in a comfortable position on the floor in Sukhasana or on a chair, with your spine straight and eyes closed. Let your hands sit comfortably in your lap. You can play soft music if you prefer. It may be difficult to sit in the same position for 10 minutes in the beginning, but you can make it easy by using a soft cushion under your hips so that your knees can rest on the floor.

Step 4: Deep Breath

Take a few slow, deep breaths, about 5 to 10. Inhale for 4 seconds, then hold for 2 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. Keep in mind this simple 4-2-8 formula of deep breathing. If you feel uneasy breathing like that, then don’t force yourself. Just try to take deep breaths without holding. If you have any lung or breathing issues, don’t practice this without consulting your doctor.

Step 5: Live in the Present

While sitting in a quiet place, try to focus on what you are feeling at present. Does your body relax or tense? Focus on your thoughts and watch them as a passive observer rather than involving in your thoughts. Don’t force them to stop. Just be natural with your thoughts. Watch them as if you are watching people passing in front of you.

Step 6: Relax

Sitting in this position for the next 10 minutes may be difficult for you. A cluster of thoughts may trouble you at first, but don’t get discouraged. You are not in a race, nor is there any goal to complete. You are sitting here to manage your thoughts. Be comfortable while sitting with yourself.

Step 7: Practice For 21 Days

In his book, The monk who sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma wrote that if we do anything for 21 days, it becomes our habit. Now you are well aware of how to do it daily, just practice it for 21 days and see the transformation.

The Takeaway

This practice of mindfulness will not only improve your mental health and well-being, but it will also make help you feel good about yourself. So find a place, calm your mind, and enjoy the benefits of being mindful.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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