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February 5, 2020

Is Super Bowl family friendly? I think not.

Post Super Bowl hoopla- find the message in the mess.

If you did deep it’s in there.

I woke up this morning hoping that the Super Bowl half time show was over and something else was trending but nope.

So that got me thinking about the how…

How the heck will things ever change?

Truthfully, often I wonder not when, but even if.

If women cannot have each other’s backs about our successes – we have no right to complain about male oppression and domination when women do it to each other!

But it also got me thinking about my mission now in life – to redefine normal and that it will never happen unless we take hard look at what the current people who support the current climate of what’s deemed normal, and why?

Everyone has a reason for why they believe whatever it is they do…

Last night I was spammed with screenshots of posts about the half time show being inspired by a satanic ritual, Illuminati thing.

1) I do not mess with Satan – I know he’s there – my enemy, a stronghold, the voice of the accuser – other then to tell him to get behind me or under my feet. I do not play with ouija boards. I have witnessed enough human evil and that is frightening enough.

But here’s the IMPORTANT thing:

IF you read something or hear something over and over again long enough – you start to see signs that are not there or perhaps they are – the point being: now we are noticing.

This is a two- fold conundrum like most things.

There is always an equal and opposite reaction.

That sense of cognitive dissonance- the voices that conflict in our minds that says:

1) This is terrifying; what can be done to people to brainwash other people into cult-like thinking….Tell someone the same rhetoric from someone who sounds convincing, watch enough YouTube videos on the subject and one may start believing it to be true simply because they heard it so many times…

2) If people can be convinced that hate is the answer because that’s what they keep hearing and seeing it enough. Then perhaps seeing the inverse- that LOVE can have great influence too.

That gives me hope that things can and will change when we start speaking empathy and kindness over and over again until someone believes they are worthy of love, that everyone is deserving of love, and so that we can redefine what love looks like, for those who may not have seen much of her, that perhaps they have even forgotten what she looks like ❤️

It’s hard walking the tight rope when writing about hard issues to get angry enough to fuel change and challenge stinking thinking and not want to scorch the earth with what we know to be true; while keeping an open mind to learn and an open heart to change and spread love everywhere.

But also…

The harrowing fact that people most often lead with an emotional based response and a knee jerk reflex rather than wise minded cognitively processed and conscious thought and reasoning.

AND that emotion makes a whole lot of noise, whether that is a Trump Rally or a March for Women or the Unborn – it does very little to actually change a thing,

So it’s important to look closely at the facts and the evidence before challenging it.

That first requires us to look both in the mirror and within because often that is all we are- other people’s mirror image.

That in that reflection upon all of those parts of us that remain unhealed, the knowing that it comes from a deeply rooted place of what is engrained in us since the day we were born about one’s core beliefs; what they learned to be true, even though it may not be so.

As I reflect on WHY there is such a heated and divisive response to 2 brilliant talented women owning the limelight for a mere 10 minutes is this:

How so many ( not all ) define normal?

That a women must be a lamb in the kitchen but a lioness in the bedroom only.

That women lead men on by the clothes they choose to wear into temptation.

That women who dare to stand up will be asked by many to sit down. That these expectations placed upon women are dehumanizing and that it is completely unattainable.

That women have no place in the stadium because she is either too much or not enough and that we will be judged regardless, simply by virtue only of her gender.

AND the reckoning that we MUST redefine normal because what’s underneath the belly of the current, is the sheer unadulterated anger and fear of women rising up against what has been the status quo norm; for far TOO LONG.

That in all the mic drop memes and GIFS and adversarial opinions we often miss the boat.

That some become so focused on women’s dance moves not family friendly enough that we don’t see the things about super bowl that truly are not family friendly at all.

But could be ?

The facts that:

The incidence of drunk driving fatalities go up by 41% after the big game.

That with the big game comes too much booze as fuel and that excessive alcohol consumption has been destroying families for the last century.

That alcohol intoxication mixed with anger ( like if your team doesn’t not win a football game on TV ) is one of the leading contributing factors, yet also one of the the most singular preventable factors; in the epidemic of violence in general; especially in cases of domestic violence.

And I am NOT SAYING don’t drink.

I am saying perhaps drinking till we aren’t thinking is not in our best interest and that if you drive you may kill someone!

That 2 women grabbing their crotch is more offensive and less family friendly than Michael Jackson who started the crotch grab, literally.

And that parents flocked in droves for their children to see this man, many of us PERCEIVED as family friendly, was using that childlike innocent persona to groom young boys, their families and the entire world with his friendliness into not seeing him for what he was – a deviant predator hiding right there in plain sight of all!

That running back for the Chiefs Tyreek Hill plead guilty of assault and battery on his girlfriend in 2014 and against his own 3 year old son in 2019 and that the NFL couldn’t find due cause for “ unprofessional conduct” for his not to be on the team.

That his coordination and skill to catch and run that ball is more important that his personal life or those affected by it directly.

That the Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year in America ALSO for the exploitation and the sex trafficking of women and children.

The fact that as Trauma Queens and King’s the knowing is felt deep down into the marrow of our bones.

The knowing I still actually like being in a football stadium. I have ever since watching my eldest son and then my other two son’s who played ball and questioning why or if that was ever a good thing, given that someone I love has CTE ( post concussion syndrome ) from the encouragement to get back on the ice because we can’t lose this game….but you may lose your life years later, is worth at least an examination of thought…

So yes to those critics of the half time show, I admit it – you are right!

THIS is not at family friendly at all and that it’s beyond time we ACTUALLY change this.

And a even bigger YES I will admit it – Trump was RIGHT.

100% right about one big thing he said, when it was all said and done….

We are clearly NOT in State of Kansas anymore.

And we miss all the subtle cues of my HERO #Ellen commercial of where we COULD GO…

if only we stopped following the preordained man-made yellow brick road #BeforeAlexa.

If only we took 5 minutes to stand for BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER along with the National Anthem that maybe….

Just MAYBE we could change this tired old tune!

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