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February 14, 2020

Manifest Quicker – 10 Steps for Raising Your Vibration

Before we begin, make sure you read a little about the Law of Attraction Basics so you have a better understanding of what I mean by raising your vibrations to manifest quicker.

If you already know what I’m talking about, let’s dive right in!

So, what does “high vibration” even mean? Like I mentioned in my LOA blog, everything has vibrational energy. A physical item, your feelings, your emotions, every single thing in your life has vibrational energy. So having a high vibration is important for manifesting what your heart desires. It means you are feeling amazing, you are laughing, smiling. You are happy and free and you feel on top of the world. You are motivated to follow and achieve your dreams. You are in alignment with everything you want to attract in life.

Having a low vibration means feeling unmotivated, depressed, feeling guilty, getting down on yourself. When we are in this low vibrational state, it is much harder to manifest what we want. You will continue to manifest what you DON’T want because that is what you are giving your energy to. You know those days where NOTHING seems to go right and one thing after another keeps happening? It is because you are in a low vibrational state.

Here are my 10 tips for raising your vibrations so you can achieve anything you want in life!

1. Meditate – This has been a game changer for me. Meditating allows you to become aware of your thoughts and slow them down. Think of it as organizing your thoughts into folders. Meditating reduces stress and anxiety, helps you stay in the present moment, makes you become more self-aware, lengthens your attention span and SO much more!! There are plenty of apps and guided meditations on YouTube.

2. Show Gratitude for Everything – Showing gratitude helps reinforce all of the things that are positive in your life and helps you realize what is really important. Gratitude also makes us less self-centered because we start putting our attention on others. Showing gratitude will make you a much happier person because you become more aware of all the awesome things you really have. I have a gratitude journal and I write down at least 3 things everyday.

3. Be Present – “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” This quote is so true. Stop missing out on what is happening all around you because you are too busy dwelling on the past or future. Being present allows you to notice things you normally wouldn’t like synchronizations or opportunities you may have missed.

4. Learn to Replace your Negative Thoughts – This one is definitely tricky. One thing I have starting doing is every time I say something negative I stop and re-say the sentence in a positive way. The more you do that the more your brain will naturally start thinking positive thoughts. You don’t realize how much negative thoughts really impact your mental health until you make this change.

5. Research your Manifestations – The more you are doing to achieve your goals the happier you will be and the higher your vibration will be! Researching and planning out your manifestations puts you in perfect alignment with your manifestations and you will be able to attract what you want much, much quicker.

6. Be More Self-Aware – What makes you tick? What do you love? What do you hate? By being more self-aware you learn who you truly are and what you truly want out of life. The more you understand specifically what you want, the quicker you will manifest it. Listen to your intuition!

7. Take Care of your Body – Eat foods that nourish your body and make sure you are moving your body. If you are eating shitty food, well, you’re gonna feel shitty as well & that will lower your vibration. Remember to find balance that works for YOU and never restrict yourself from the things you love. Moderation is key. It’s fine if exercise isn’t your thing but simply moving your body is so important. Go on daily walks, do yoga, garden, anything that you love to do and that get’s your body moving!

8. Set a Daily Intention – Or a weekly one if that’s easier. Having an intention automatically sets you up for a great day! It allows you to focus your energy on one specific thing. I write my daily intention on a post-it note and leave on my computer at work where I see it everyday. My daily intention today was ‘Be Present’.

9. Clean up your Space – I don’t know about you, but if my house is messy my life is messy. Having a clean environment instantly puts me in a better mood and motivates me to achieve everything life has to offer.

10. Stay Happy and Positive – No. Matter. What!

“Negativity… it can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency. Vibrate higher.”

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