February 15, 2020

Notes from a Good Mental Health Day.


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Our mental health battles will look and feel different each day.

Finding the beautiful moments of bliss and gratitude is so powerful through that journey.

This poem is a testament that glimpses of light and contentment do exist even in the muddy waters of depression or anxiety. Emotions like guilt, shame, anger, regret are part of the healing, and sprinkled through the healing process will be momentary lapses of bliss, and safety.

Hold onto those moments, and know everything is temporary.


And there are days through this healing journey
That will feel like the first day in a new life.
As if when I awakened, I began the day in a fresh reality.
The energy of faith vibrates all around me, almost in a purely shocking
And buzzing way.

When I step outside of the walls of deep depression,
I begin to feel myself rising to the surface.
Able to move, create, and stream effortlessly through the day.
Mental clicks, alignment shifts, easy inner energy, take me for surprise,
So I flow with it.

You know you are making your way out of darkness,
When you recall random memories
Of things that make you intensely happy
Such small material items and mementos
That have the horsepower to send you into nostalgia

Like blank notepads from hotel rooms
Childhood photos hung between mirror cracks.
Shifting energies, while reorganizing knickknack and crystals
Lighting an incense while feeling the breeze moving through.

On this day, depression is on the back burner
And living in the moment is all there is.
For this is the best kind of depressed day
When being in a body, and in this life
Isn’t dark and heavy.


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