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March 18, 2020

8 Things We Can Do to Stay Calm in This Time of Chaos and Uncertainty.

It’s said that if we want to learn about our past, we should look at our present circumstances, for they are the result of our past actions. If we want to learn about our future, we should look at what we’re doing now.” Pema Chodrun

I haven’t said much online about this recent virus, and the pandemic that’s developed. There’s a reason for that. Partly, because I wanted to wait and see how things played out, but mostly because I refuse to give in to fear.

I am seeing fear, and panic take hold in a way that I haven’t before, atleast not that I can remember. At first I was quite shocked by it, now I’m not so much shocked as I am in awe. I’m in awe of the people that have chosen to rise up, and show strength, and to shine their light in order to lead others out of the darkness.

I don’t let myself get caught up in the conspiracy theories, because I have found that once I’ve started down the rabbit hole it’s hard to find a way out, and know what’s truth, and what’s fiction.

I have chosen to stay positive, and to let faith, and the Divine lead me.

It’s in times like these that we realize what we’re all made of. We either sink, or swim. We hold strong, or allow others to pull us under with them.

Here are eight things you can do to stay calm, and peaceful in this time of chaos and uncertainty.

1. Self-awareness.

Most of us have no idea of the power that comes from being self-aware. It’s extremely important, because it helps us to realize what truly belongs to us, and what belongs to someone else. I’m not talking about the superficial, material things. I’m talking about energy. Specifically, right now fear. It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s fear. If you find this is true for you stay off social media for a while. This will help you let go of other people’s energy so you can recenter yourself, check in, and know what’s truly yours.

2. Meditate.

Meditation is extremely important. This goes back to self awareness. When we can sit quietly for even a few minutes we are able to see what our thoughts are, and what we are giving energy to. We learn to let go and just be in the moment. If our present moment is the result of our past thoughts, feelings, and actions, then It’s in the now moment where our power lies. This is where we have the power to change our future, and initiate a better outcome.

Meditation also helps us connect to Spirit. It allows us to hear the guidance that can truly inspire us to make the most loving, and meaningful decisions. It can propel us to be agents of change, rather than contributing to fear, and chaos.

In my article 8 tools to take your power back and and stop reacting to life’s dramas, I list the many health benefits of this powerful ally.

3. Affirm.

Speak what you want. Change your thoughts. When negativity creeps in, the following mantra helps me so much,

These are not the thoughts I want. Instead I will choose peace.” A Course In Miracles 

It’s not about ignoring your feelings. Just the opposite. Feel them. Acknowledge them. Let them move through you. Don’t stay stuck. It’s staying stuck, and not acknowledging our emotions that cause us to lose hope, and lash out. So, yes acknowledge them, and then rise up in spite of the fear, and negativity that’s trying to take hold. Rise up!

4. Pray.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. Also be open to having your prayers answered in a way you may not expect. The truth is that everything that happens is divinely orchestrated for our highest purpose, for our evolution. It may not make sense, it’s not supposed to. Life is seldom reasonable, or logical. When we hand things over to the Divine, and allow ourselves to be open to receiving we find peace in the eye of any storms.

5. Stay away from negativity.

If you find keeping up to date by following the news is important to you, limit the amount of time you watch, and listen, and choose carefully what sources you engage with. Stay off social media, or at the very least limit the amount of time you’re spending online.

I have found it’s so easy to absorb other people’s energy, so I am choosing to limit the amount of time I am on social media. I consider this a good thing, as I am taking that time to read, write, research, and do the things that matter most, and right now that’s certainly my own healing.

6. Be selfish.

Focus on what you can, and cannot do. No finger pointing, blame, judgement and no guilt. Take care of you. Again, this speaks to self awareness, so you can better take care of others. We cannot pour from an empty cup, and if you are feeling fearful, it’s likely that your inspiring fear in others. This is the last thing any of us need right now. So please, take care of yourself.

7. Lead with love.

What you put out affects the people around you, and will come back to you. Be aware of this! Lead others by showing them what it means to stay calm, and centered in love. Don’t get pulled into other people’s negativity. Now is the time to get out of your head, and into your heart. Let your heart lead you. When we get caught up in the thoughts, and fears that enter our mind, we lose sight of what’s real, and what’s truly important.

8. Conscious Breathing.

Don’t underestimate the power of your breath. When we become conscious of our breath, and bring it deep into our belly it is one of the most powerful, calming tools we have. Deep breathing calms our nervous system, and gets oxygen to the brain so we can see, and think more clearly. When we are panicking and anxious we breathe shallow. This keeps us stuck in the same cycles of fear, and powerlessness.

If this has been your habit most—if not all of your life it will take some practice, and persistence. As someone who has struggled with deep fears, and anxiety most of my life I encourage you to start this practice. It is truly remarkable, and life changing.

It’s more important then ever to stay strong, stay positive, and lead with love. We have no idea how this will end up, and that in itself can cause so much fear, and anxiety. Leave your worries in the hands of God/Goddess, and use the tools I outlined above. Stay calm. We’ve got this.

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