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March 13, 2020

Maybe it’s okay to want to Die

*Editor’s Note: If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please reach out now. There are some additional links at the bottom of the article. You are not alone.

Maybe it’s okay to want to die. To voice the darkness, give words to the pain. It’s okay to feel alone, to know defeat.

I want to die, those words are stark, startling and too dark. So we keep them buried, silenced in our throats. A sigh we’ll never let escape. We don’t say the words, we know how bad they sound. To want to die, it’s unnatural, crazy we must be insane. So we keep quiet, swallow those words. Force laughter.
Fake it till you make it
But maybe it’s okay  to let the facade slip, to allow the cracks to show.
Maybe we can break, to voice our darkness to say those dreaded words.
I want to die
Maybe if we say it, if we allow those words to be heard maybe just maybe they lose their power, their grasp on us.
If we can tell our darkest secret, the deepest shame then I’ve given light – I’ve stolen the power.
Yes there are days I want to die, days the light can’t be found. So I shout, cry and scream. I let others see my struggle, my fight.
I keep talking, good, bad, happy or sad I let it out. Cause most days I want to live, to love
So if it means telling you when I want to die in order to survive. I’ll raise my voice, my hand and shout
For this life is mine and I’m trying to survive.

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