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March 12, 2020

Scammers, they got me but do I let them and the fear win?

I am sitting here at home feeling like a big ol’ dummy who fell for a one of those scams. Which goes to show that we are all vulnerable to the evils in this world.

To be honest a part of me was screaming fraud all along while another part of me had hoped it was real because I needed it to be real.

I needed a job and this job was easy and pay seemed reasonable, but I should have asked what was an online assistant, was this a real job?

Things I ignored, as the job sounded like it could be an easy and fun way to make money while I was figuring things out. BOY was I wrong…

Sad thing is I was scammed through LinkedIn which is suppose to be a safe place to network. But I guess there is really no safe place.

Sitting here surrounded by unfamiliar walls of a new, unfamiliar house I wonder did I make the right choice uprooting all I knew to come here? I feel the shivers of fear speeding up my spine like a bullet out of a gun.

All the thoughts spinning in my head…did they get my identity, how do I check, will they steal the information while I am checking, will they show up at my door, how will I protect myself.

I try to shake the crazy off me, but the tears find a way out flooding my face as I wonder how I will ever find a job with scammers out there waiting to pounce.

Fear is a funny thing like that. Making our mind create more problems then the one before us. It makes us stop and regress.

The question is do we let it win and halt our lives because of it or do we battle the evil in this world and keep pushing? Do we take the lessons that it taught us and become wiser?

Fear makes us quiver and shake, but it also can rob us of everything if we allow it.

So what choice do I make?

I may have been fooled, but something in me was screaming and warning me. Though I pushed that feeling away at the beginning it wouldn’t leave. It sat there gnawing at me, pushing its way forward bit by bit.

Then a check arrived and my gut just knew it wasn’t real. SO I listened to that gnawing voice in my head, filed a report with the police, the bank, the Federal Trade Commission and LinkedIn that the profile may be fraudulent.

So here I sit with this gnawing fear of failing again. But I can’t let the fear win. So the only choice is to go forward. I made this decision to start to over and I will  figure it out as long as I don’t give up. BUT I also have to listen to my intuition.

Our minds are incredible. They can save us  if we listen to those pesky warnings, but they can harm us if we allow the fear to hold us back.

It is our jobs to sort through the thoughts and accept what we cannot change and let them go. We need take that very scary step forward leaving the fear behind us while holding onto the lesson.


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