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March 13, 2020

Self-Quarantined? 10 Tasks to Tackle

Stuck at home? Focus on the good and get busy with these ten projects that could lead to self-discovery.

The coronavirus is certainly not to be taken lightly and we should all be concerned about this pandemic. As of today more than 139,600 cases have been diagnosed and more than 5000 people have died.

As an increasing number of public events, schools and venues are closing, many are choosing to self-quarantine. If you are compelled to take a break from your normal life patterns and stay at home to prevent becoming infected, take heart. Things could be a lot worse. Sure, many will suffer financial consequences but health is indeed wealth.

Self-imposed confinement could lead to many positive results in your personal world. You might discover new interests, fresh takes on life and find that you have creative powers that have been undiscovered. That is the Silver Lining. Let’s face it: when was the last time you were forced to download and embark on unearthing and realizing your very core? This is a perfect opportunity to learn something new, pick up a skill, dust off a neglected project and resurrect a hobby you once loved.

Here are ten suggestions to pursue during your separation from the public:

  1. Join a digital public library. Membership varies by county or state so call your local library, get a membership card if you don’t have one and connect online and start devouring books you haven’t had time to read.
  2. Redecorate or paint a room you’ve been neglecting. You’ve wanted to do this for a while. Now is the time.
  3. Clean out your closets. Switch items from winter to spring and summer. Clear out the clutter, donate or toss.
  4. Start to learn a language. You’ve always wanted to speak another language. Get an app, download a course and just start. Even ten minutes a day can help you master basic conversational skills.
  5. Organize your photos. Vacation, parties, family, weddings and more. They wreak havoc on your phone. Finally, an opportunity to arrange, classify or delete.
  6. Start selling on eBay or Etsy. You’ve cleaned out your closet clutter so consider turning your trash to cash.
  7. Make plans and set goals. Now is the perfect break to sit down with yourself and let your dreams soar. Make lists of what you really want to do and accomplish in life. Set goals and put timelines on your plans.
  8. Start exercising. Walk alone, breathe in nature, or plank and lift those weights that you’re using as a doorstop. Always remember to consider asking your doctor first if it’s fine to begin working out.
  9. Launch that creative project. You’ve had a great idea for a novel, podcast, movie, poem, etc. for years. Now is the time to explore and start setting it down.
  10. Write letters, emails and cards. Reach out to long lost friends, family and loves. Make amends, build on what you had. Rejuvenate relationships from the past.

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash


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Read 2 comments and reply

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