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March 20, 2020

We are remembering

Earth is pleading for a minute, she has been supporting us all our demands forgetting her own needs.

She broke.

In her crumbling she doesn’t want a great fix or a big hug, she wants time.

She has not forgotten us, leaving mountains to walk and slopes to hike urging us to remember how to use our bodies instead of our machines to play.

She told me not to forget about the ocean, there you can go to drink my spirit anytime we need even if it’s cold and just a toe.

The mountains are where you can touch my love as it engulfs you with support.

Our mother needs a break.

Like any loving mother she’s has left us in the care of her greatest creation.

As I write this I wonder if it was her breaking or desperate for us to come back to her. Remembering the pressing of our feet on her is our connection, our healing. Where great love comes from and is recycled back into.

Maybe this all was her plea for us to come back to her, loving her in the way she has dreamed of.

We forgot how much we need her, why we are here, what our purpose is. Wandering around hallow planes, alone clawing at any chance of fitting in and abandoning reason for being here.

She’s forcing us to look inside, find the answers that lay ancient awaiting our arrival. Our connecting to it is through he playground we have covered it in plastic and metal drowning her cries for us to come home.

We are depressed, anxious, addicted and insecure because we forgot that our wholeness comes through her not the next new piece of clothing or car.

It’s become apparent that we were caught up in flights to different cities in search of a better feeling, partners and online dating apps used for hook ups, distractions in the dark.

Living life for the weekend wondering if maybe what you were looking for is there? Sending nudes in search on love, placing worth in our appearance, all of these places we sought in the pursuit of filling the void inside.

Now is our time to remember, she is not screaming anymore. She is assertive now, having stopped the car ripped out the battery speaking these words.

“Walk home you little shits.”

Her words are spoken with her spine straight, done with our antics.

Remember what the sun feels like on your skin, breath synchronized with steps up the meadow.

This is our time to walk the trail, trusting the journey.

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