April 15, 2020

A Healing Meditation for the Lonely & Isolated.

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I know sometimes you feel totally alone in vast, dark world.

I know you feel isolated sometimes.

I know it may seem that everyone out there has more happiness or gifts or love coming to them than you.

It’s okay. Just breathe.

It’s okay that you feel this darkness sometimes. It’s okay that you feel all alone in an empty room now and again.

Breathe deeply.

In. Out.

Breathe into your heart.

In. Out.

Breathe in and fill those dark places with your own loving breath.

In your breath, there is light.
Your breath is loving-kindness.

Breathe into your heart space.

Fill that empty void with breath.
Fill your heart space with light.

Breathe in again, until you feel that you are lighting up the darkness inside of you.

Remember that you are never alone.

Remember that you are light.

Remember that you are love.

It’s okay that sometimes you go to dark places.

I know that life can feel hard or heavy.

Breathe in and fill the darkness with light.
Breathe deeply and know that you are light.

With this breath you are never alone.

With this breath you are the loving energy of the universe.

With this breath you are connected to all beings.

You are love.

You are light.

Now repeat this silently or out loud:

I am love.

I am light.

I am love.

I am light.

I am love.

I am light.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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