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April 14, 2020

A Northern Neighbourhood is Collectively Staying Positive Despite COVID-19

The days and nights are melting into each other. No, that’s not true. It’s soon going to be summer and the days are getting longer with more sunlight leading to nicer days.

With the global quarantine and while most of us are confined to our homes, it’s easy to be trapped in the cycle of boredom and lack of interest in activities. This is not a rant. It’s a reflection on what on my mind and what, I believe, many others are thinking about. And, I will not ask you to stay positive. But, let’s make it easier for everyone to stay positive.

I live in the sub-arctic city of Yellowknife and yesterday marked my second anniversary since I moved here. As the days are getting longer and snow melts, northern energy becomes unstoppable. Few days ago, I pulled myself out to have a walk that would help me not break the routine. The trail was never interesting as it is now: trees decorated with stuffed animals and pendants with positive messages.

I walked for few minutes and as I decided to turn around and head back to home, there were more stuffed animals. The child dwelling in my heart rejoiced. It was a scavenger hunt. Few days later, we decided to hang some colourful sparkling eggs that will lift our neighbourhood walkers’ and hikers’ spirits up. I hope that this continues.

If staying positive under the threat of pandemic is not always possible throughout the day, then let’s make it easier for each other to stay positive. I’m grateful to be in a warm and cheerful community that’s resilient and united during trying times.

What works best for your community? Let’s think of ways to stay connected at the time of physical distancing. Let’s spread the vibes of compassion and kindness around our communities, towns and cities.

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