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April 29, 2020

Life is a Dance.

Life is a Dance. All that we do. Everything we encompass, ebbs and flows, even if it pauses for stagnation and dramatic effect, it still is within the flow of the Universe; everything dancing, in each its own way.

Flow toys, hula hoops, poi, wands, veils, ribbons, fire flames, or any other prop, are simply an extension of our beings.

Collected consciousness ever present – giving and receiving information from and to the Universe constantly. Just like in the film animation, “Ever After,” when the prince becomes filled with light, this is exactly how I picture this. That, with a twist of constant workings almost like gears in a clock. Time never stops, even if a clock does.

Dance is as simply as possible stated: movement meditation. We all contain this ability to a degree.

“Are we humans, or are we dancers?”
★★★ Happy International Dance Day! April 29th, 2020.


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